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Tips on Choosing Kitchen Furniture


A stylish kitchen bar in a modern kitchen

Moving swiftly through your kitchen is essential if you want to prepare a gourmet meal on a schedule. Your kitchen is much more enjoyable when you can find every bowl and you have a clean surface for chopping, mixing and measuring. If your kitchen isn't quite meeting your needs, then you may benefit from some new kitchen furniture. Islands, carts, cabinets and racks can transform your kitchen into a more useful space while adding a fresh new style to your home.

Selecting Kitchen Furniture:

  1. Map out your kitchen: You don't need to be a home design expert to map out a more convenient room. Take a look at your kitchen and locate the empty walls and corners where carts, islands and racks could fit. Don't rule out reorganizing your current kitchen furniture to make space for more. Make a map and include detailed measurements to decide which new pieces will fit best. Take style into consideration at this early stage to be certain that you are choosing the most fashionable pieces.

  2. Compare materials: Carts, islands and racks come in many styles and material types. Stainless steel racks and carts are nice additions to a modern kitchen while all-wood islands offer a rustic feel. To indulge in up-to-the-minute home design, try mixed-material kitchen furniture. Wood carts with stainless steel tops add a lot of dimension to a kitchen of any style. Stainless steel baker's racks with copper accents can ground your kitchen and give you a versatile spot to display your antique bakeware.

  3. Save room for functionality: The very best kitchen furniture is extremely functional, though this means different things to different people. If you have a collection of oversized pots to store, then be sure that the kitchen island you choose has large drawers and roomy cabinets. Smaller drawers in a stylish free-standing hutch are essential if you like to keep your large collection of kitchen tools organized. Take inventory of your kitchen supplies before buying furniture if you aren't sure of your personal functionality requirements.

  4. Add the right accents: Your kitchen furniture should add to the decor of your home, whether you have a petite kitchen in the back of your 50-year-old house or a large, open kitchen in your modern loft. Once your new furniture is settled into your kitchen, choose the right accents to draw attention to its best features. A classic wooden knife block adds a stylish element to a new stainless steel kitchen cart while copper pots brighten an industrial-style wooden baker's rack. Add a splash of color to your new kitchen furniture with a bright red egg timer, a collection of multicolored vases or a hot pink vintage toaster.

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