Tips on Changing Sheets

Tips on Changing Sheets

Do you change your sheets as often as you should? Most people don't. Don't put off changing your sheets until they become noticeably dirty. It only takes a few minutes to change bedding, and the reward is the feel and smell of fresh linens on your bed. This article will provide you with some tips on changing sheets.

Changing Your Sheets:

Change Your Sheets Frequently

Sheets should be laundered and changed at least once per week. Depending on allergies, it may be necessary to wash your sheets more frequently. It may also be necessary to wash them more frequently during the warm summer months, especially if you are prone to night sweats.

Wash New Sheets Before Using

Depending on the thread count and type of sheets being used, the texture of new sheets can be scratchy. Lower quality or darker colored sheets may also have excess dye on them. Before putting a new set of sheets on a bed, run them through a wash cycle.

Consider the Benefits of Deep Pocket Sheets

Deep pocket sheets stay in place and tuck up under the mattress better than traditional pocket sheets. Choosing deep pocket sheets will ensure you won’t have to tug the fitted sheet back into place every night. If you have deep pocket sheets and still experience corners coming loose, invest in straps that hold your sheet firmly in place underneath the mattress.

Follow the Pattern

If the sheets are designed with a pattern, the sheets should generally be put on the bed with the lines in the pattern running from top to bottom. If the sheets are a solid color or the pattern does not go in one direction, place the thicker hemmed end of the sheets on the top part of the bed and the smaller hem at the bottom.

Put Pattern Side Down

When placing flat sheets on a bed, place the patterned or darker side facing the mattress and then make the bed as you normally would. When you turn down the sheets at night, the pattern side will be facing up.