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Tips on Buying Water Filters

by Lindsay Wilcox

Woman fills water glass from a tap water filter

Quench your thirst with clean, purified water when you buy water filters for your home. Whether you want a reverse-osmosis water filter you can connect to your plumbing or a simple tap-water filter that attaches to your faucet, the following suggestions will help you find the best water filter for you and your family. Read on for tips on buying water filters.

Buying Water Filters:

  1. Buy filters that target specific impurities. Before you buy any home water filters, you'll want to identify the problems with your tap water. If you know your water contains a lot of contaminants, including harmful metals and chemicals, you'll probably want to invest in a reverse-osmosis water filter. This water filtering system, which connects directly to your home's plumbing and mounts beneath the sink, uses a semi-permeable membrane to filter water and catch impurities. Reverse osmosis home water filters use no energy, flush all collected sediments down the drain and provide filtered water at a low cost.

  2. Look for water filters that remove odors and flavors. If your water has an off-putting taste or smell, you may want to try a carbon water filter, which contains activated carbon. This type of water filtering system uses the carbon, which has a slightly positive charge, to attract chemicals and particles that have negative ions and remove them from the water. A carbon water filter is particularly useful for eliminating chlorine and many man-made chemicals that affect your tap water's taste and scent, but you'll want to buy a water filter that is better at removing inorganic pollutants and metals if they are present in your water. You'll also need to replace carbon cartridges frequently in even the best water filter so that the contaminants do not accumulate and breed bacteria.

  3. Find a water filter that attaches to your tap for convenience. When you want to buy a water filter that is affordable and doesn't require any installation, look for faucet water filters that fit over the faucet in your kitchen or bathroom. This type of tap-water filter allows you to strain your water only when necessary or switch between filtered and unfiltered water if you're cooking or washing dishes. Faucet water filters can also be removed easily and placed on other faucets in your home.

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