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Tips on Buying Vases

by Lindsay Wilcox

Brown floor vase complements hardwood floor

Whether you like fresh flowers or artificial floral arrangements, you need stylish vases to display pretty plants in your home. With decorative vases available in every color, you may have a few questions about finding the right flower vase. Read on for tips on buying vases for a variety of floral arrangements.

Buying Vases:

  1. Start with a simple style. If you're unsure which shapes and sizes you like best, begin with bud vases. With their small openings, these decor stapes, usually designed as clear vases, are designed to hold only one stemmed flower, usually a rose or daisy. While the most common shapes are narrow cylinders, you can also find bud vases shaped like squares, teardrops and even circles.

  2. Keep vases proportional. Huge bouquets of Gerber daisies will look out of place in plastic vases, while large decorative vases will dwarf simple floral arrangements. Think about the flowers you plan to display before you invest in the perfect flower vase. You'll want to look for glass vases that are tall and thick enough to hold heavy bouquets and buy petite vases for a few blossoms or handmade arrangements with twigs and cattails.

  3. Use floor space. Dress up an empty corner with elegant floor vases. When filled with tall wheat grass or sunflowers, floor vases can add interest to your home and can even be grouped with smaller antique vases for a different look. To ensure that your vases don't tip over or become damaged by family or guests, weight them with rice or sand and keep them away from young children.

  4. Stick to the classics. Let gorgeous bouquets of lilies stand out in glass vases. When you have especially colorful flowers to display, these clear vases won't compete with the floral arrangements. Antique vases with unique patterns and shapes can shine on their own when paired with neutral decor, such as branches and tall feathers.

  5. Buy special occasion vases. If you display a large arrangement of poinsettias or roses during the holiday season, crystal vases can add an elegant touch each year. Antique crystal vases also look nice on your dining room table when filled with harvest- or winter-themed bouquets.

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