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Tips on Buying Tuscan Kitchen Decor

Tips on Buying Tuscan Kitchen Decor

collage of tuscan kitchen items
Bring an earthy, old-world feel to your home when you buy Tuscan kitchen decor. Whether you'd like to supplement your Tuscan kitchen design with fruit-filled bowls or add whimsy to your kitchen decor with vineyard-inspired paintings, you're sure to find the Italian kitchen decor that complements your style and gives your home a wonderful rustic touch. Read on for tips on buying Tuscan kitchen decor.
collage of tuscan kitchen items

Buying Tuscan Kitchen Decor:

Begin with a statement piece.

Tuscan decor is famous for its rich yellow, terra cotta and mossy green shades, so you’ll want to look for accessories and decor pieces that incorporate these colors. Buy earthy pottery you can display on a countertop or begin a stoneware plate collection for other Tuscan decorating ideas. A hand-painted kitchen canister set that features grapes and other fruits is also a great way to create a stunning Tuscan kitchen.

Look for pieces with function.

Your Tuscan kitchen design doesn’t have to rely solely on decorative paintings or pottery. Buy pieces you can use daily, including hand-painted bread boxes, pretty ceramic pitchers in garden-inspired colors and a deep stoneware jar for holding kitchen utensils. Wooden napkin holders also make excellent Tuscan kitchen decorations, as do plates, bowls and cups that you can display in a glass-paneled hutch.

Buy Tuscan decorations that complement your kitchen.

Consider the cabinets, colors and furniture in your kitchen when you’re buying Tuscan kitchen decorations. If you want Tuscan decor that will balance light wood cabinetry, buy pottery in deep shades of sea blue, grass green, sunny yellow and orange. Dark cabinets and flooring should be contrasted by creamy or slate grey shades, especially when you’re buying decorative vases for a Tuscan kitchen. For Tuscan decorating ideas that can make your kitchen look larger, consider hanging an ornate bronze mirror on an open wall to reflect light.

Look for subtle Tuscan patterns.

While your Tuscan decorating style may be influenced by bold, vibrant pieces, you’ll also want to add a few subdued patterns and accessories to your kitchen decor. Purchase hand towels and delicate tablecloths that feature simple grapevines as part of this rustic Italian kitchen decor style. Textured tiles are also important in Tuscan decorating, as they add a comforting old-fashioned touch to any room.