Tips on Buying Spinner Luggage

Tips on Buying Spinner Luggage

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Wheeled luggage has made moving through a busy airport so much easier, and spinner luggage takes that idea one step further. Spinner luggage has four wheels that each turn 360-degrees, allowing you to move through crowds with ease. Additionally, luggage with spinners doesn't need to be tipped to roll, functioning more like a shopping cart, which puts less strain on your shoulders. Follow these tips to find the spinner luggage that's right for you.
Gold spinner luggage
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Sturdy Wheels

There are two types of spinner wheel sets: four large wheels or four wheels with double blades. Double wheels will offer a little more control, but ultimately you should be more concerned with how sturdy the wheels are. The wheels need to be more rugged because they are not recessed or protected by the body of the bag like other wheeled luggage. The best spinner luggage will have rigid, reinforced corners on the bag body to give the wheels proper support. Also, wheels attached with screws instead of rivets tend to be more secure.

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Lightweight Shells

You can choose spinner luggage with either a hard shell or a soft shell. Whichever you prefer, make sure the shell of your bag is strong or padded enough to protect your belongings yet light enough to meet airline weight limits and be easy to pull. The best luggage will weigh less than 10 pounds per piece when empty, use ripstop fabric, and have thick, padded panels.

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Spinner Sets

You’ll be prepared for any trip length when you purchase a spinner wheel luggage set. If you like the benefits of a carry-on with spinner wheels, you’ll the love the increased convenience of spinner wheels on bigger bags. The heavier the bag, the more strain a two-wheeled bag will put on your shoulders because you must pull it behind you. However, a bag with four spinner wheels will alleviate most of that back strain because you can roll the bag next to you as you walk.

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Luggage Style

Luggage with convenient features doesn’t have to lack quality or style. Most quality luggage companies now offer fabrics, prints, and patterns that will satisfy most personal styles. Plus, the more unique a bag, the less likely there will be any mix-ups at the airport. Choose a bold color or a large print to easily spot your luggage at baggage claim.

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Helpful Reviews

Reading online about other shoppers’ experiences will help you determine which suitcases will be better for you. Look for positive reviews about the maneuverability and strength of the wheels, the construction and usability of the telescoping handle, and the weight of the spinner luggage.