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Tips on Buying Seersucker Suits

Tips on Buying Seersucker Suits

Blue and white striped seersucker suit
Whether you live and work in a hot climate or simply want lightweight men's suits for spring and summer weather, men's seersucker suits are a fashionable option. The name, which comes from the Persian phrase for milk and honey, was probably coined because of the all-cotton fabric's bumpy texture and colors, traditionally blue and white. There's no need to wear hot, uncomfortable suits for men during humid weather when you can purchase a seersucker suit that keeps you stylish and cool. Read on for tips on buying men's seersucker suits.
Blue and white striped seersucker suit

Buying Seersucker Suits:

Look for a Color You Like

While seersucker usually comes in light colors, such as cream, khaki, grey and light blue, you can also find a seersucker suit in black or navy blue for a dressier business suit, appropriate for the office. Consider the weather where you live; light-colored suits will keep you cooler than dark suits for men will, and they are also more appropriate for casual outdoor weddings.

Find a Suit That Fits Well

Seersucker is meant to keep you cool, since it is made of cotton and highly breathable, but it won’t keep you cool if it’s baggy or too tight. Choose a size that will flatter your shape, but buy a size larger if you’re in doubt. The best men’s suits fit well in the shoulders and torso area and aren’t too tight around the arms or wrists.

Consider Other Accessories and Clothing

Men’s suits made of seersucker are typically more casual than a linen suit or a business suit, so less formal shoes and accessories are most appropriate when wearing seersucker clothing. Purchase a simple white-collared shirt to wear under your suit and wear it with or without a tie, depending on the occasion. Brown or black dress shoes or oxfords look great with both seersucker clothing and a linen suit, and you can add vintage flair by adding a straw boater hat, too.

Buy a Suit You Can Wear on Many Occasions

Like a men’s linen suit, a seersucker suit can be versatile and stylish at various events you attend. Look for a men’s suit in grey or cream for a style you can wear to work, church, business events and outdoor parties throughout the spring and summer. Find a men’s linen suit or seersucker suit that is appropriate for business casual dinner parties, too. A traditional blue and white seersucker suit is one of the best men’s suits for a summer luncheon or wedding because it features classic styling that never goes out of style.