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Tips on Buying Ralph Lauren Perfume

by Staff Writer

Men's and women's Ralph Lauren perfume

If you like to spritz on a bit of designer fragrance as a pick-me-up during the day, why not try Ralph Lauren perfume for a refreshing, romantic or sporty scent? With fragrances as varied as Ralph Lauren Polo and Ralph Lauren Romance, you can find a perfume that suits your style. Ralph Lauren has been producing wearable scents that channel the brand's classic sportswear line since 1978. Read on for tips on buying Ralph Lauren perfume.

Buying Ralph Lauren Perfume:

  1. Buy perfume that fits your personality. Consider the tastes of your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend before purchasing perfume or cologne. Someone with a sporty personality may prefer a fresh perfume or a fruity fragrance that fits a laid-back lifestyle. Fortunately, most colognes and perfumes are classified by the main notes or overtones they contain, which makes it easy for you to find the right one. If you prefer spicy scents over citrus or floral fragrances, Ralph Lauren Polo and Polo Sport may be best for you. Ralph Lauren Romance, which is made as both a men's perfume and women's perfume, has floral overtones that lend a romantic vibe to the fragrance. Buy Ralph Lauren Blue for a light, fresh perfume perfect for daytime.

  2. Purchase separate men's and women's perfumes. When purchasing a designer fragrance, see if it is created as both a men's perfume and women's perfume. Your favorite perfume often has spicy or woody notes if it is designed for men and fruity and floral undertones if it is meant for women. Polo Sport, a popular Ralph Lauren fragrance, comes in both men's and women's varieties, as does Ralph Lauren Romance. Men's and women's scents are made to complement each other while still remaining unique.

  3. Consider the concentration of the fragrance. To find a Ralph Lauren fragrance with a long-lasting scent, find your favorite perfume in an eau de parfum, which typically contains a high concentration of essential oils. A bottle of eau de toilette or eau de cologne will not usually be as concentrated, making these fragrances better for the daytime, when you don't want an overpowering scent for work.

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