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Tips on Buying Portable Heaters

by Lindsay Wilcox

Portable heater heats kitchen as family prepares food

Don't shiver in your home or office during winter. Warm up with portable heaters that you can set up in virtually any room. Whether you want portable propane heaters to heat your garage or portable home heaters to keep in your bedroom, you probably have a few questions about finding heaters that will effectively and safely warm your rooms. Read on for tips on buying portable heaters.

Shopping for Portable Heaters:

  1. Put safety first. While you want to keep your family warm, your first priority when buying portable home heaters should always be safety. Look for portable heaters with automatic shutoff features if the unit tips over. Heaters that include thermostat features to adjust the temperature and the flow of air are also safer for home and office use. Be sure to keep all heaters away from flammable materials, especially in an office, as well as away from kids and pets. Both propane heaters and portable electric heaters should always be plugged directly into a wall outlet, if possible, or into a heavy-duty extension cord to prevent fires. The best portable heaters will warm your home or office without getting dangerously hot to the touch.

  2. Size matters. If you're trying to heat your office or cubicle at work for a few hours, you probably want to look at compact portable space heaters that won't take up much room or overheat the area. You can often buy portable space heaters with oscillating options to spread hot air evenly throughout your home. Convection heaters will heat the room quicker than other portable heaters, so keep that in mind as you shop.

  3. Consider wattage. For small rooms or office spaces, you'll want to buy low-wattage heaters, such as 425-watt portable room heaters. A lower wattage makes your space heater safer to use, as it will not get as hot. However, with any heater, you'll want a unit with a higher wattage for heating your basement or even a chilly master bedroom; even the best portable heaters won't be efficient if they have to work overtime to warm your home.

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