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Tips on Buying Picture Frames

by Lindsay Wilcox

Black picture frames complement home decor

Share your cherished memories of family, friends and places when you buy picture frames for your home. Whether you're leaning toward wood picture frames for a rustic feeling in your home or sleek black picture frames to create a contemporary look, the following suggestions will help you find the photo frames that work best. Read on for tips on buying picture frames.

Buying Picture Frames:

  1. Choose between wall and tabletop frames. Consider the design of your home when you buy picture frames. If you have a lot of bookshelves and side tables, you may want to look for tabletop photo frames that can dress up a wide variety of furniture pieces. A few 4x6 picture frames filled with your favorite snapshots can add dimension to a simple end table next to your sofa. If you would like to make your photos more of a focal point in your home, hang a few wall frames on an open wall. Look for wall frames in the same color to create a simple, contemporary collage or mix black picture frames with frames in multiple colors for a funky centerpiece.

  2. Pick textures and styles that work well with your home. If your home is decorated simply and features modern furniture and accent pieces, you'll probably want to look for black picture frames, which are classic and neutral. If you'd like an even more modern look, buy picture frames that feature extra glass for a "floating" look or find snap frames with only a thin rim instead of a thick outer frame. Complement a more traditional home with wood picture frames in shades that match your furniture. Light wood frames made of ash or maple will look great with vintage decor, while mahogany and cherry wood frames look more elegant and can complement a more classic design. If you'd like to try out a funky texture, such as ribbed metal or rough wooden corks, start with a few 4x6 picture frames, which are small enough to display almost anywhere. If you decide you like the style, you can always buy 5x7 picture frames or even 8x10 picture frames that feature the textures and colors you love.

  3. Look for picture frames that complement your photographs. Consider the subjects in your photos before buying picture frames. You may want to display family vacation photos in whimsical frames but show off graduation photos in sleek black 5x7 picture frames. If you frequently change your decor, make sure to buy frames that are easy to open so you can replace pictures whenever you want to.

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