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Tips on Buying the Best Outdoor Rug

Tips on Buying the Best Outdoor Rug

To ensure you get the perfect combination of durability and aesthetic appeal, follow our tips on buying outdoor rugs. You’re sure to find a sturdy all-weather rug that blends seamlessly with your patio’s decor.


Explore Colorful Outdoor Rug Colors to Match Your Patio Furniture

Look for outdoor rugs that offer both function and fashion. When choosing a color or pattern for an outdoor rug, look to the rest of your patio decor. You could match the vivid fabrics of your hammock or cushions. Or you could reflect the texture in your patio seating, lighting, or planters. For example, a striped rug in white, black, or grey will play up modern outdoor furnishings. Meanwhile, if you have a natural wooden patio table and chairs, create a welcoming contrast with a solid color like red, orange, or rust.


Whether it’s under a table or alongside the pool, your outdoor rug should be colorfast so it doesn’t fade in the sun. If not, you’re going to need lots of shade to Keep Your Outdoor Rug Looking New.


Measure Your Porch or Patio to Find the Right Outdoor Rug Size

The first thing to consider when buying an outdoor rug is how big it should be. You want the rug to complement your space but not overpower your design scheme. Break out your measuring tape to help you choose dimensions. As a general rule, your rug should be slightly smaller than the space. Keeping the shapes proportionate will give your outdoor area a soothing balance.


A circular outdoor rug can work well beneath a small table or between two outdoor benches. Rectangular rugs help tie together outdoor furniture sets. As your space gets smaller, so should your rug. For the front porch or entrance into your home, a short runner rug can fit the space while providing optimal coverage.


For more on making sure your outdoor rug isn’t too big or too small, read our Complete Area Rug Size Guide.


Go for Weather-Resistant Outdoor Rugs That Withstand the Elements

There are a couple of reasons you’d want to choose a weather-resistant outdoor rug. If you plan to keep your rug outside all year or you live in a humid, rainy climate, then a weather-proof rug is ideal. To avoid mildew and mold buildup, choose a moisture-proof rug. The backing prevents rainwater or melted snow from pooling and staying damp. Olefin, polypropylene, and acrylic rugs have built-in defenses to make them some of the best all-weather patio rugs. If it’s got a moisture-resistant material, you can even leave your outdoor rug out in the rain. For snowy conditions, roll up your rug and store it until it’s safe to come out in spring.


Hot, dry climes can wreak havoc on an outdoor rug, too, especially if your rug is in constant direct sunlight. Rugs with a UV-resistant coating protect the material from fading when exposed to excessive sun and heat.


For specific preservation tips, read our guide on How to Get the Most From Your Outdoor Rugs.


Pick a Durable Outdoor Rug for High Traffic Zones

A low-pile flatweave is one of the best types of outdoor rugs because it’s designed to shed less. While a little coarse underfoot, a flatweave rug’s tight construction offers both durability and stability. That means it will repel dirt and won’t pull or snag. Between family barbecues and after-work drinks, this outdoor rug type will maintain its shape and appearance.


Try a Low-Maintenance Outdoor Rug for Easier Cleaning

From hiking shoes, muddy paws, and even a windy thunderstorm, outdoor rugs can get pretty dirty. Consider rug weaves and styles that allow for easy outdoor rug cleaning and maintenance. Flatweave rugs are easy to spot clean with either pre-moistened wipes or mild detergent and water. You can also treat them with fabric protector spray to prevent stains from getting deep into the fibers. Hose down stain-resistant outdoor rugs to quickly remove loose debris. Meanwhile, hard fibers like jute and bamboo naturally resist dirt, which gives you a lot less to worry about.


Keep Interiors Clean With the Right Outdoor Rug

Outdoor rugs aren’t just for adding definition to a patio seating area. They can help keep your house dirt-free, too. With the right rug set up, you can keep dust and dirt at your doorstep. To avoid a messy interior, look for woven outdoor rugs constructed with jute or sisal. They naturally pull debris from shoes and boots. These outdoor rugs are extra durable, so they can withstand all the in-and-out foot traffic between the kitchen and the grill. They’re also ideal for mudrooms and front entryways where family and guests wipe their shoes.


An outdoor rug that shifts will leave dirt and dust open to tracking. Sliding a rug pad underneath will give your outdoor rug more gripping power.

Now you’re ready to find a favorite in Overstock’s outdoor rug selection. Whichever rug you choose ships for free* right to your front door. All that’s left to do is unbox and roll it out for a beautiful porch or patio. Got lingering questions about outdoor rugs? Or maybe you want to know more about indoor rugs too? Read our Complete Rug Buying Guide to find an amazing rug for every space.


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