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Tips on Buying Outdoor Rocking Chairs

Tips on Buying Outdoor Rocking Chairs

wicker rocking chairs with tan cushions on outdoor patio
Relax outside after a long day with comfortable outdoor rocking chairs. Whether you want the classic elegance of wooden rocking chairs or a vintage vibe with wicker rocking chairs, the following suggestions will help you find the perfect patio furniture for your home. Read on for tips on buying outdoor rocking chairs.
wicker rocking chairs with tan cushions on outdoor patio

Buying Outdoor Rocking Chairs



Choose a style that complements your porch or patio.

Before you decide on a rocking chair for your home, you’ll want to make sure it won’t look out of place in your yard or on your porch or patio. If your home is decorated with traditional pieces and you like simple, classic furniture, wooden rocking chairs will probably suit your style best. White wicker rocking chairs will complement an old-fashioned home or a vintage theme, while dark wicker rocking chairs in black, chocolate brown or even deep green work best with contemporary design. See 6 Patio Ideas to Match Your Decorating Style.


Pick outdoor rocking chairs suitable for your climate.

If you receive a lot of rain or snow in your area, wooden porch rocking chairs are probably not the best option for your home. However, you can find wooden chairs with a waterproofing finish if you’re set on this style. Porch rocking chairs made of teak, cypress and other hardwoods are also durable enough for rough weather. Look for these outdoor chairs in resin wicker, too, when you want sturdy and long-lasting furniture. Eventually, however, all modern rocking chairs will begin to show wear if left outside for too long, so you’ll want to buy furniture covers or take your chairs inside during the winter so they don’t fade or crack.


Consider the function of your outdoor rocking chairs.

You may want sleek, modern rocking chairs to sit in as you rock your baby to sleep during the summer, or you might want patio rocking chairs with bright cushions for entertaining friends during a backyard party. These classic outdoor chairs come in many sizes and designs, so you can choose the right one for different settings and purposes. Make sure that the patio rocking chairs you buy are sturdy enough to accommodate both adults and children and won’t tip easily.