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Tips on Buying Nintendo DS Games for Kids

by Paul Sanders

Young boy playing Nintendo DS games on a handheld

The interactivity and portability of Nintendo DS games make them ideal for kids looking for more engaging entertainment. Nintendo DS is one of the most popular game systems in the world, which means you have a wide field of options to choose from. Here are a few tips on selecting fun Nintendo DS games for kids.

Kids and Nintendo DS Games:

  1. Don't shy away from complex games. Children often become prolific at playing all sorts of video games by the time they hit kindergarten. They may get bored and move on to something else if you choose DS games that are too simplistic or aimed at a younger age group. Even Nintendo DS games that are a bit above their age level may seem challenging and fun.

  2. Aim for games that focus on their interests. Kids are unlikely to play Nintendo DS games that diverge to widely from their actual interests. Sports lovers are sure to love playing as their favorite football or basketball superstars, but be sure that your kids are interested in the actual sport in the game. They may not be as excited by Nintendo DS games about golf. Kids' interests vary as widely as adults, so it won't hurt to do a little investigating to find out which genres of Nintendo DS games they'll be into.

  3. Check ESRB ratings for insight on content. There are just as many Nintendo DS game titles for adults as for kids, probably more. That's why it's essential that you check video game ratings and game descriptions to make sure that the game content is right for your child. Video game ratings will usually provide a rating, age group recommendation and content reasons for the rating.

  4. Look for games with their favorite characters. An easy way to find Nintendo DS games that children are likely to enjoy is to look for games that feature characters from your kids' favorite TV shows, movies and books. The characters and places in these Nintendo DS games will already be familiar, and you'll probably already have a good idea of the content, too. Better yet, your kids will be able to interact with the characters and stories they already love.

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