Tips on Buying Leather Gloves

Tips on Buying Leather Gloves
It's chilly outside again, and you need gloves to keep your fingers warm. Why not try a pair of leather gloves for versatility and style? Whether you're looking for fingerless leather gloves for easy movement, leather driving gloves to protect your hands from an icy steering wheel or deerskin leather gloves for working outside, you can find the right gloves for any occasion. Read on for tips on buying leather gloves this season.

Tips on Buying Leather Gloves

Buying Leather Gloves:

Consider your climate.

If your fall and winter weather is primarily rainy and windy, a pair of leather cashmere gloves is a great option. Made of smooth, buttery leather and lined with soft cashmere, these lined leather gloves are the perfect complement to an elegant peacoat or even a warm trench coat during a rainstorm. For fierce cold and snow, you’ll want a pair of deerskin leather gloves, especially if you’ll be chopping wood, tinkering with your car or shoveling snow. Buy men’s leather gloves with wide, durable fingertips and make sure to purchase a pair with reinforced stitching and stretchy leather around the wrists for a great fit. Don’t forget to buy women’s leather gloves for outside chores, too; these gloves fit more snugly and have a smaller design made specifically for women’s hands.

Decide what you need gloves for.

Sometimes, the only thing you want to do is hop in your car and drive home or to the store for hot chocolate, so you’ll want to have leather driving gloves you can quickly slip on before opening a frozen car door. Look for styles lined with fleece or flannel for a cozy fit; leather cashmere gloves also make wonderful driving gloves and will keep your fingers warm as you’re walking to work or to the store. If you’ll be riding your bicycle or motorcycle before the roads get too icy, you need fingerless leather gloves that allow you to grip the handlebars easily and still keep your palms warm. Leather motorcycle gloves are also perfect for days when you need to grip small items, such as sparkplugs and other car parts, while still protecting your hands from the cold.

Pick gloves based on style.

Of course, you’ll still want some gloves that just look great while they keep you warm. Both men’s leather gloves and women’s leather gloves make great holiday gifts, especially those made of lambskin, suede or a similar soft leather. For a fashionable look, buy gloves in a color that matches your coat and your husband’s coat, such as black, brown or grey, and find styles that extend a few inches above the wrists for a sleek appearance. Purchase leather motorcycle gloves to wear with a parka or leather jacket, even if you don’t own a motorcycle; their design is chic with any outerwear. Lined leather gloves with faux shearling or cashmere inside are sophisticated and warm.

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