Tips on Buying Kitchen Tables

Tips on Buying Kitchen Tables

The kitchen table, whether it serves as your craft table or your dining table, is a very popular place. There's usually a high amount of traffic passing by, so you don't want to just settle and pick any kitchen table. There are several factors to consider when you're preparing to buy a kitchen table.

Buying Kitchen Tables:


Measure your Space

This may seem obvious, but really, it’s the most important step of all. If you go shopping before you know how small or big a table you need, you might delay purchasing your perfect kitchen table until you take the time to measure your kitchen. Do you want a small table that will fit in your breakfast nook? Find one that won’t crowd your small space. However if you’re a regular entertainer, you may be looking for a large kitchen table that can fit 12 guests at once. Will a table that large even fit in your kitchen? Do the smart thing and measure twice and buy once.


The Right Height

Take into account the people that will be sitting at your table. If your regular guests are teenagers and adults, then the height of your kitchen table is up to you. However, if you cater frequently to young children, you may want to avoid buying tall tables that require tall chairs. Young children will find it difficult to climb up those chairs to reach the table, so tall chairs increase the chance for accidents.


Square or Round

Square and rectangular tables are very traditional. It’s easy to guess the number of chairs you can fit around your new table. Of course, when you buy a round table, you eliminate the corners, so you actually have more room with a round table. The choice is up to you.


Number of Chairs

Do you have a young family? Are you an empty nester? An entertainer? The number of people you expect to dinner affects the type of kitchen table you need. Some people are happy with only buying the exact number of chairs needed. Others feel uneasy until they have a few extra chairs in storage for drop-in guests. Be sure to check exactly how many chairs your table will accommodate before purchasing it.


Leaf Option

You can often get an extra leaf or two to make the table bigger. Just take it out for smart space storage when you aren’t having as many people over. Both square and round or oval tables can come with this option.