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Tips on Buying Golf Irons

by Staff Writer

Man taking a swing with a golf iron

Choosing the right golf irons for your game is crucial. You may want the most prestigious high-end driver as a status symbol, but when it comes to selecting your golf irons, what the pros use might not be right for you. Different irons are designed for different player abilities. Head design and the various materials of the head and shaft also affect the way you use them. If you're looking into getting new irons, evaluate the key features before choosing them to make sure you get the best golf irons for your game.

Golf Iron Features:

  1. Head design: Golf iron heads are designed as either blade or cavity-back golf irons. Blade irons appear to have a simple design. The solid head of blade irons creates a small sweet spot that low-handicap golfers prefer. Blade golf clubs are not very forgiving, but this quality helps you perfect your swing. Cavity-back irons are designed to distribute the weight of the golf club's head around the outer areas of the head, producing a larger sweet spot that is more forgiving. Both types of golf club sets include the same golf irons. The debate of which head style makes the best golf irons has raged for years but can only be determined by your skill level and your personal goals for the game.

  2. Materials: Golf irons are created with either forged iron or cast iron. Forged-iron golf clubs tend to be more expensive and offer a smaller sweet spot, but advanced players sometimes prefer the feel that forged golf irons provide. Cast-iron golf irons can have more intricate head designs with a larger sweet spot. Using cast iron to build a club also involves less labor than using forged iron, making cast-iron discount golf clubs even more affordable.

  3. Shaft: The most common shaft materials for golf clubs are steel and graphite. Steel shafts are durable and provide consistent performance for a set of clubs. Graphite shafts weigh less than steel and allow for a faster swing, which usually transfers into more distance. Composite shafts are gaining popularity and try to combine the durability of steel with the lightweight characteristics of graphite.

Golf Iron Tip:

  1. Above all, be honest with yourself about your playing ability. Golf irons are suited to fit different levels of ability. Accepting your skill level and buying golf irons that match your level will help your golf game better than buying the set of clubs your favorite player uses.

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