Tips on Buying Extra-Wide Men’s Shoes

Tips on Buying Extra-Wide Men’s Shoes

Tips on Buying Extra-Wide Men's Shoes
Our feet take a lot of abuse throughout the day, and if you wear extra-wide men's shoes, you want to take extra care to make sure your feet are comfortable. Extra-wide men's shoes can be hard to find and even harder to size. The following tips can help you understand men's shoes and find the right shoes for your feet.
Tips on Buying Extra-Wide Men's Shoes

Buying Extra-Wide Men’s Shoes:


When you’re shopping for extra-wide footwear, it’s important to understand the way sizing works. The marker for extra-wide men’s shoes is E. Just as with other types of men’s shoes, extra-wide shoes are available in various widths. The more Es in the shoe size, the wider the extra-wide shoes will be. For example, EEEE is wider than EEE, and EEE is wider than EE.

Measure Your Foot

To determine what width size you need, it’s important to measure your foot. The best way to measure your foot is to stand on a piece of paper and trace your foot. Tape the paper down to make sure it doesn’t slide. Completely trace your foot and then measure the width at the widest points (usually the center of the ball of your foot). The wider your foot is, the wider shoe you need. The following chart will help you determine if you need extra-wide men’s shoes:

U.S. Men’s Shoe Size Extra Wide Size (In Inches)
8 3.9″ and up
9 4″ and up
10 4.2″ and up
11 4.3″ and up
12 4.4″ and up
13 4.5″ and up
14 4.6″ and up

Width to Height

When you’re shopping for wide shoes, it’s important to understand that the wider your foot is, the higher the shoe will be from sole to vamp as well. This may affect the fit of the shoe overall, so keep it in mind as you’re shopping for extra-wide shoes. It’s important to buy the correct size, not only for the width but also for the vamp height ratio.

Type of Shoe

When purchasing extra-wide men’s shoes, you’ll want to think about what type of shoe you’re looking for. If you’re looking for athletic shoes, you want to make sure they’re comfortable. If shoe width is a concern when you’re working out, consider buying slightly wider footwear to keep your feet from aching at the end of the day. If you’re looking for dress shoes to wear to the office, you want them to fit snugly. If you’re shopping for extra-wide sandals, the open design may not call for as wide of a size.