Tips on Buying Curtain Rods

Tips on Buying Curtain Rods

Bronze curtain rod
Update your living room, bedroom or kitchen when you buy curtain rods to hang your new window treatments. Whether you need corner curtain rods to dress up a corner window or a swing-arm curtain rod to create a partition in your studio apartment, you're sure to find the right rods and curtain hardware for your space with the following suggestions. Read on for tips on buying curtain rods.

Bronze curtain rod

Buying Curtain Rods:

Consider the Curtains You’ll Be Using

Before you buy any curtain rods, you’ll need to know which types of curtains you plan to hang in your home. Heavy drapes will require sturdy rods, such as wrought-iron curtain rods, that won’t bow under the weight of the fabric. You may even need to mount brackets beneath your wrought-iron curtain rods to hold particularly thick curtains. If you plan to layer window treatments, such as sheer panels and linen curtains, you’ll need to buy double curtain rods. You can even use tension curtain rods, traditionally used to hold shower curtains, to hang lightweight grommet-top curtains in your living room or display sheer draped valances in the bedroom.

Measure Your Windows

Although an adjustable curtain rod will be forgiving if you measure your space incorrectly, you’ll still want to write down the widths of your windows from casing to casing. Add 2 to 5 inches to the dimensions if you want to cover more of the wall with your curtains. This is especially important if you’ll be buying tension curtain rods, which rely on the tension of the window walls to stay up.

Choose the Right Curtain Rods for Different Rooms

If you plan to hang curtains or valances in your bathroom, you’ll want to avoid wooden curtain rods, which can warp and crack in areas with high humidity and moisture; an adjustable curtain rod made of stainless steel or plastic will work well in your bathroom window. You’ll also want to choose a swing-arm curtain rod to hide an open closet or even to divide a large living room for visual appeal. Don’t forget to buy corner curtain rods for a small bedroom with a corner window.

Buy Decorative Curtain Rods for a Finishing Touch

Don’t just buy stylish curtains for your home; purchase decorative curtain rods to spice up your living room. Look for wooden curtain rods that include round finials for a classic look or buy double curtain rods that feature elegant spirals to give your home a polished look. You can even buy decorative curtain rods with carved leaves or flowers if you would like a more whimsical vibe.