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Tips on Buying Chaise Lounges

by Lindsay Wilcox

Beige upholstered chaise lounge updates living room

Add sophistication and comfort to your living room or bedroom when you buy chaise lounges for your home. Whether you want an upholstered chaise lounge to place in your living room for a comfortable reading nook or a bedroom chaise lounge to relax on before going to bed, the following suggestions will help you find a chaise that fits the style of the room and helps you achieve a romantic atmosphere. Read on for tips on buying chaise lounges.

Shopping for Chaise Lounges:

  1. Buy chaise lounges that complement your home. A modern chaise lounge can look sleek or plush, depending on the fabric and the color. If you want to add a vintage touch to your parlor, buy a dark leather chaise lounge with polished mahogany feet. You can always contrast the smooth texture with a casual throw pillow or two. Give your home a more airy feel with a cream-colored leather chaise lounge and a soft knit blanket. For a more contemporary decor style, consider an armless upholstered chaise lounge in an unexpected color, such as bright red or a muted orange.

  2. Consider chaise lounge fabrics before buying. If you plan to curl up on your bedroom chaise lounge on a weekend morning and read awhile, you probably won't be very comfortable for long on slick leather or vinyl fabric. Look for a chaise made of polyester or cotton for a softer place to relax. You'll also want to consider whether the fabric is washable, especially if you have children. A modern chaise lounge upholstered with stain-resistant microfiber may be your best bet in this situation.

  3. Think about the function of your chaise lounge. For cuddling with your sweetheart in front of the TV, you'll want a double chaise lounge large enough to fit both of you comfortably. A double chaise lounge is also a wonderful addition to a guest room, especially if the back is adjustable. If you need more seating during a get-together, however, you'll probably want something more lightweight, such as a wicker chaise lounge, which you can move easily. With the right color and cushions, a wicker chaise lounge can work with any home design.

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