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Tips on Buying Bistro Sets

by Lindsay Wilcox

White aluminum bistro set on a patio

Create an elegant breakfast for two on your patio when you buy bistro sets for your home. Whether you want wrought-iron bistro sets to add a sophisticated touch to your backyard or a wicker bistro set for a classic, vintage style, the following suggestions will help you find the right outdoor dining tables and chairs to seat you and a friend. Read on for tips on buying bistro sets.

Shopping for Bistro Sets:

  1. Choose a bistro set that work well with your home's decor. While you may want to buy unique patio bistro sets to make a statement in your backyard, these small dining sets will work best if they complement the design and decorating style of your home. Wrought-iron bistro sets will balance a traditional home with their curved lines and classic details, while a wicker bistro set in brown or taupe with steel accents is perfect for a contemporary design. The right wooden bistro table set can complement both modern and classic designs.

  2. Find a bistro set that fit your space. While 3-piece bistro sets are the most common and include a small table and two chairs, you can also buy patio bistro sets that include up to four stools if you want to seat a few more guests and have extra room. For a small balcony or patio outside an apartment, however, you're probably best sticking with 3-piece bistro sets, which won't take up all of your space and still allow you to eat outdoors.

  3. Buy a bistro set that is durable enough for the weather. If you plan to leave your outdoor bistro set on your patio, deck or balcony year round, you'll want to make sure it is made of quality materials. Look for wicker bistro tables and chairs that are finished with resin or vinyl for a sturdier material, or buy a wooden bistro table set varnished with a waterproof sealant to ensure that your furniture doesn't warp or crack when exposed to moisture. A wrought-iron outdoor bistro set is sturdy enough to withstand both rain and snow, though you'll want to check it at least once a year to make sure that rust has not developed. To further protect your bistro tables and chairs, purchase waterproof covers or bring them inside during the winter or the rainy season.

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