Tips on Buying Apple Kitchen Decor

Tips on Buying Apple Kitchen Decor
Give your home a fresh, laid-back vibe when you buy apple kitchen decor. With the right apple decorations for your walls and a few apple-patterned storage containers and decorative pieces to display, you'll be able to achieve the stylish kitchen decor you want with the following suggestions. Read on for tips on buying apple kitchen decor.

Tips on Buying Apple Kitchen Decor

Buying Apple Kitchen Decor:

Begin with One Apple-Themed Piece You Love

Create an apple kitchen theme by purchasing one statement-making item, such as a ceramic cookie jar or a rustic still life that features vibrant fruit, and display it in your kitchen. Use the style and colors of this apple decor as a base for the rest of the decorations you’ll use in your space.

Decide on a Color Scheme

While most apple decor for the kitchen features red fruit, you can also buy decorations that feature green or burgundy apples. Choose just one color or color family so it will be easier to find apple decorations that suit your kitchen. A monochromatic color scheme can keep your space looking fresh and put-together. You can also put together a laid-back country kitchen decor style by hanging cherry red or muted green apple kitchen pieces against cream walls.

Choose Apple Decor That Suits Your Kitchen’s Style

Apple kitchen decorations work very well in a country-themed kitchen with whitewashed cabinets or light maple furniture. Look for earthy apple-shaped pottery to complement wooden cabinets and clean taupe walls for country kitchen decor. If your space is more modern and features stainless steel appliances and mahogany cabinets, you’ll want to buy apple kitchen decorations that have a sleek, simple design, such as apple-shaped enamel roasting pans or a clear bowl of wax apples. Apple decor for the kitchen can be particularly effective in a contemporary room when contrasted against a bright green apple-colored accent wall.

Don’t Forget the Details

Once you’ve accented your kitchen decor with apple-themed pieces that make it stand out, it’s time to continue the theme with smaller items. Buy apple-print hand towels and pot holders, and store your baking supplies in pretty apple-themed canisters. You’ll also want to buy apple-themed dishes and bowls. Other fun apple decor pieces include themed salt and pepper shakers, mugs, paper towel holders and coasters.

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