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Tips on Buying an Italian Leather Messenger Bag

by Christina Wright

Italian leather messenger bag

If it's time for a new bag or an updated style, an Italian leather messenger bag always fits the bill. Italian leather is known around the world for its high quality and fashion sense, so investing in an Italian leather messenger bag will show your good taste. Leather messenger bags made of Italian leather are on the higher end of the price range, and many leather bags attempt to pass off as Italian leather, so choosing an Italian leather bag can be tricky if you haven't done any research. Shop for the highest quality Italian leather messenger bags armed with the tips below.

Italian Leather Messenger Bags:

  1. Know your stuff. First, you need to know what makes Italian leather special enough to command its high price tag. Leather produced in Italy is consistently higher quality than leather from other parts of the world, making it an ideal fashion-forward material for bags, shoes, car upholstery and other leather products. Italian leather is made of only the finest hides, with much of the treatment process being done by hand and quality checks being performed at every stage. The Italian city of Florence has been famous for its leather production for centuries, while the city of Milan, Italy's fashion capital, uses almost exclusively Italian leather for the decor and furnishings of high-end homes. Italian brands of clothing and shoes are usually at the top of world fashion and thus promote the use of Italian leather in accessories such as messenger bags. Understanding what makes Italian leather worth the extra cost will help you determine if these high-end leather messengers are right for you.

  2. Look for full-grain leather. Unfortunately, not all leather bags that claim they are Italian are created equal. Sometimes, Italian bags, such as leather messengers, will be contracted out to overseas companies but finished in Italy in order to be called Italian leather messenger bags. One sure way to avoid this problem and the lower quality and durability associated with it is to research the brands of Italian leather bags before buying one. Choose a brand that is located in Italy and that opposes contracting work to foreign companies. The best Italian leather is usually full-grain leather, which is supple, durable and long-lasting, while the best messenger bag will be stylish and able to hold everything you need; combining the two will create the best bag for you.

  3. Pick a style. Once you've chosen a trustworthy brand and determined the quality of the leather it produces, it's time to actually choose from the wide array of Italian leather messenger bags. A new style in messengers is the vertical messenger bag, which is simply taller than it is wide. Choose a laptop messenger bag if you plan to take your computer with you to work or around town. Some laptop messenger bags are vertical, but most are horizontal. The best messenger bag will match your personal sense of fashion and last for a lifetime.

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