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Tips on Buying a Queen Comforter Set

Tips on Buying a Queen Comforter Set

One of the simplest ways to change the look of your queen-size bed is to invest in a queen comforter set. A queen comforter set -- which typically includes a queen-size comforter, matching pillows shams and, sometimes, matching throw pillows and a bedskirt -- can give your bedroom a designer look without making you pay a designer price. For tips on choosing the right queen comforter set, keep reading.

Buying a Queen Comforter Set:

Try a queen comforter set on a smaller bed for a plush look.

An average-size queen comforter on a full-size bed will hang down almost to the ground on all sides. This can be a great way to give your bed a unique new look, or it can be a great way to keep the space beneath your bed covered without a bed skirt.

Buy a queen comforter set to save time and money.

It can take a long time to find shams and/or a bed skirt that matches your queen-size comforter, and the cost can add up quickly. Queen comforter sets save you lots of time by eliminating the need to search for matching items and usually cost less than bedding purchased separately, especially when you buy discount queen comforter sets.

Go with a queen comforter set if you’re allergic to down.

Many people don’t sleep well with down comforters because of allergens that down filling naturally attracts. Most comforters included in queen comforter sets contain synthetic fills that don’t trouble allergy sufferers.

Pay attention to the dimensions of your queen comforter set.

While you would think that queen-size bedding would be the same size from company to company, it’s not. Sizes change from company to company, with 86 by 86 inches at the small end of the spectrum and 92 by 96 inches at the large end. If you sleep alone or if neither sleeper moves around much, a smaller queen comforter set will probably work, but if you move around a lot or if two of you share your queen bed, buy an oversized queen comforter set.

Choose queen comforter sets to match the seasons.

As time- and money-saving as queen comforter sets are, you may want to buy several and rotate them with the seasons. The style of your duvet and pillow shams make a huge difference in the look of your room, and rotating a few discount queen comforter sets on your queen bed is a simple, inexpensive way to give your bedroom a fresh look throughout the year.