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Tips on Buying a Poker Table

by Angela Tague

Poker table

If you host game nights or play poker often, you need a poker table in your game room. Available in folding, transportable varieties or as permanent signature pieces of furniture, poker tables add flair to the gaming atmosphere. Poker and gaming tables improve all sorts of card games, board games and puzzles by making it easier to fit more players around a table and to pick up cards fast. When it's time to step up from a felt poker tablecloth, follow these tips below to buy the best poker table for your game.

Buying Poker Tables:

  1. Temporary or permanent: Determine how often you will use your poker table. If you plan on playing only at family gatherings and an occasional game night, you may want to choose a folding card table. It can easily be transported for a poker game away from your home or stored out of the way when not in use. If you plan on having weekly games, consider investing in a more solid, permanent card table to create a dedicated gaming area where the poker table can be on display.

  2. Size and shape: Before buying a poker table, measure the room where the table will be placed to determine what size of poker table the area can accommodate. Most poker tables seat eight to 10 players. Poker tabletop diameters generally range from 48 inches to 52 inches. When measuring, allow extra room for seating and moving around the table. Although round and octagonal tables are the most popular shapes, consider an oval card table if it is a better use of your gaming space. If you choose a folding card table, determine the table's compact size. Some fold up small enough to fit under a sofa or in a pantry-style closet.

  3. Features: The felt-covered tops of poker gaming tables are available in many colors. Instead of the classic green, consider red, purple or blue to add color to the room. Some poker tables come with stylish logos and themed accessories. Consider tables with functional features, including built-in recessed drink holders, gaming reference charts and poker-chip holders.

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