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Tips on Buying a Patio Dining Set

by Lindsay Wilcox

Wooden patio dining set dresses up tropical patio

There's no reason to eat indoors in summer; with a stylish patio dining set in your backyard, you can make even the simplest meals more enjoyable outdoors. Whether you want wrought-iron patio furniture to entertain guests elegantly or wood patio furniture sets for a classic style when you're barbecuing, the following suggestions will help you find outdoor dining furniture that works for your home and your family. Read on for tips on buying a patio dining set.

Buying a Patio Dining Set:

  1. Choose a material that fits your lifestyle and complements your home. If you have small children and often invite other families to your home for a barbecue or picnic, you will probably want to buy a durable plastic patio set that is sturdy enough for children to use. When you entertain a lot of adults, however, you may want more sophisticated patio furniture sets made of wicker or wrought iron. Whatever you decide on, make sure your patio furniture also fits with the style and decor of your home. White wicker tends to give your backyard a vintage touch, while wood furniture can be either classic or contemporary, depending on the finish of the wood.

  2. Pick a patio dining set that is suitable for your climate. While you may love the look of cedar outdoor dining sets, these may not be practical in your backyard if you receive a lot of rain or snow during the year. A wrought-iron patio set will be more durable in this climate, as will resin-coated wicker furniture. If you're really set on wood outdoor dining sets, however, you can apply a waterproof coating to protect individual pieces from moisture. Covers made of vinyl or polyester will also protect your outdoor dining furniture, including patio dining tables and chairs.

  3. Buy patio furniture that is easy to move and store. When you have guests over for an outdoor party or barbecue, you'll want to have patio dining furniture that can be moved and arranged easily. Wicker patio dining furniture is particularly lightweight, but thick plastic chairs that can be stacked are also useful when you need to seat a lot of friends. You can even find patio dining tables with folding leaves and matching folding chairs to make storage easier.

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