Tips on Buying a Men’s Slim Fit Suit

Tips on Buying a Men's Slim Fit Suit
Slim is in when it comes to men's clothing, particularly with men's suits. The slim fit suit has a narrow cut without much excess fabric, leading to a tighter fit that both looks more modern than regular fit suits in addition to flattering the wearer's body. This type of suit works particularly well for those with lean builds, although by choosing the right size, any man can look good in a slim fit suit. Whether this is going to be your very first suit or you just want to find the best slim fit suit possible, following a few simple tips can make your shopping experience significantly easier.

Tips on Buying a Men's Slim Fit Suit

Have Your Measurements Taken

Accurate measurements are essential when buying any suit, but they’re particularly important with slim fit suits, because the tighter fit leaves less room for error. Clothing stores may have staff on hand who can take your measurements for you, although if you have a tape measure and someone to help, you can also do it yourself. Have your measurements checked regularly to ensure your new suits continue to be the perfect fit.

When in Doubt, Go with Wool

Wool is by far the most popular choice of fabric for suits, and for good reason. It’s a soft fabric that feels good on the skin and lets in plenty of air. It keeps you cool when it’s warm out, but also provides warmth when it’s cold, making it a versatile choice that fits any season. Linen is a lightweight, more casual option. This thin fabric keeps you comfortable on those hot summer days. To stay looking sharp, it requires regular dry cleaning. Cotton suits are also popular, as they provide many of the same benefits as wool. If you go the cotton route, make sure to press it regularly so your suit retains a straight, professional look.

You Can Be Edgy with Colors and Patterns

If this is your first suit and you plan to wear it in a variety of settings, going with a classic, solid color is a smart choice. Navy blue is one of the most popular colors, but charcoal grey and black are also good choices. However, the slim fit suit is known for being more modern, which means you don’t have to stick to the traditional style of a solid color suit in one of the classic color choices. Don’t be afraid to take a risk with a check or stripe pattern, or a non-traditional color choice.

Don’t Forget the Tie

If you think a slim tie sounds like a great match for a slim fit suit, you’re absolutely right. Slim fit suits give you plenty of options when it comes to ties, so you can also try a regular size tie or an ultra-skinny tie. If you’re not sure how wide a tie you should get, one easy way to figure it out is by matching the width of your jacket lapel to the width of your tie.

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