Tips on Buying a Lightweight Suitcase

Tips on Buying a Lightweight Suitcase

Lightweight black suitcase
Make your next adventure as stress-free as possible by choosing the best lightweight suitcase to meet your needs. Some points to consider in choosing your suitcase include weight, features, durability, security, and affordability. Airlines specify individual rules for luggage weights and sizes, so it is important to know the requirements. Besides construction materials and hardware, another key feature worth considering is a design that suits your unique fashion sense, is easy to see, and resists stains and soiling. Check out these tips for choosing your lightweight suitcases.
Lightweight black suitcase

Know Your Size and Weight Needs

Suitcase size and weight matter, especially at the airport. As carry-on pieces must fit under the seat or in the overhead bin, you need a suitcase that is up to 22 inches tall. You can choose from many lightweight suitcases that weigh less than 10 pounds, even in the larger sizes that you check-in at the baggage counter.

Really Scoot with Spinner Luggage

Lightweight suitcases with wheels help travelers quickly cover a lot of ground in an airport, and 360-degree spinner wheels make that travel easier than ever. The wheels rotate smoothly and quietly, making the suitcase more maneuverable.

Double Up with Expandable Suitcase

Expandable bags provide flexibility that adds a few inches of depth when needed. This feature can save money in baggage fees if you don’t have to check a second suitcase.

Protect Delicate Items

Hard-side suitcases provide extra protection for your belongings. Polycarbonate suitcases and aluminum shells offer structure and durability while remaining lightweight.

Shop Nylon Luggage And Bags

Durable, lightweight materials include nylon and polyester, which often feature double-stitching to resist fraying. These usually also feature reinforced seams that stand up to abrasions and protect against tearing.

Little Travelers

Choose from a variety of styles of lightweight suitcases for the kids, including ride-on bags that meet carry-on standards, and make getting through checkpoints easy. Other styles look just like the adult models and come in many colors and pop-culture character designs.

Exciting Colors and Designs

Reduce stress in waiting at the baggage claims carousel by choosing lightweight luggage in bright colors or artistic designs that stand out from the others. A bright yellow or a 1960s-inspired psychedelic theme stands out among the dark-colored pieces coming at you.

Look for TSA-Approved Locks

Keep your property safe from potential theft or spillage with TSA-approved locks. Only TSA agents, who control special keys, can access the contents of your suitcases. Choosing TSA-approved locks is an option that lets you control who opens your carry-on suitcase and other luggage.

Telescoping Handle

Look for a suitcase with a telescoping handle that is well-made, as it must bear the full weight of your belongings. If you prefer a handle to accommodate your height, choose from lightweight suitcases that come equipped with telescoping handles that lock at various stages.

Planning Your Purchase

Think of your luggage as an investment that protects your valuables when you travel. Frequent travelers need lightweight suitcases that are durable and secure as well as affordable. The more you plan to use your luggage, the more dependable you need it to be. Consider, also, what the suitcase must carry and protect, and base your purchasing decisions on your needs.