Tips on Buying a Colored Diamond


If you need more color in your jewelry collection, then consider shopping for colored diamonds. Diamond jewelry in fancy colors is fun to wear on special occasions, and many pieces can be worn every day, too. Use these tips to choose colored diamond jewelry for yourself.

Buying a Colored Diamond:

  1. Popular diamond colors for everyday wear: The most popular fancy diamond jewelry features blue and black diamonds. These colors look amazing in engagement rings and wedding bands, and since they are neutral tones, they can go with any outfit. Blue diamonds will remind you of the deepest oceans and the bluest skies. Black diamonds are sleek and enchanting.

  2. Fun colors for special occasions: Other diamond colors include pink, yellow, green, grey, and orange. Pink diamonds are sweet, and yellow diamonds are sunny and fun. Green diamonds are perfect for emerald lovers, and grey diamonds are very cool and urban. Orange diamonds are rare and, when available, stunning in every diamond jewelry style. With so many beautiful options, you may not be sure which one is best for you. If you need inspiration, look to your wardrobe. The best clothing colors on you will be the best diamond colors for your collection.

  3. Judging quality: Colored diamonds have slightly different grading criteria than white diamonds. Colored diamonds are still graded on carat weight and cut, but color saturation is the most important factor in a fancy diamond. Pale diamonds can still be beautiful, but bright diamonds are the most desirable.

  4. Treatments: Just like white diamonds and most gemstones, colored diamonds are sometimes treated to enhance their appearance. Colored diamonds may be treated with heat or glaze to change their color. Pay attention to treatments when shopping for colored diamond jewelry. Treated diamonds can still be stunning and valuable, but they are not as valuable as natural diamonds.

  5. Jewelry options: Colored diamonds can be found in cocktail rings, stud earrings, novelty pendants, fine tennis bracelets, engagement rings, and a variety of other pieces of jewelry. Think about your daily routine and your fashion preferences when shopping for colored diamond jewelry to choose the best pieces for your lifestyle and wardrobe.

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Updated January 8, 2015