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Tips for Running with Jogging Strollers

by Staff Writer

Woman running with jogging stroller

Jogging strollers let you spend more time with your baby while still staying physically fit. And with single and double jogging strollers, and sometimes even triple baby jogging strollers, you can get exercise with your kids not matter what phase your family is in. And while jogging strollers come with lots of safety features, it still helps to take a few extra precautions when running with your child.

Running with Jogging Strollers:

  1. Make sure your baby is ready. Your baby should be able to support his head before you take him for a run. Recommendations vary as to what age is suitable for taking a child out in a baby jogging stroller and range from three to six months. Also, take into consideration the route and length of time you will be outdoors. And even if they are older, it is best to ease babies into the activity by taking them on very short runs at first, so they can get used to the movement and being in the jogging stroller.

  2. Select a safe path. The smoother your running route is the better. This will help keep your jogging baby stroller from bouncing around. Avoiding sharp, downhill turns and areas that have lots of bugs is a good idea. You will also want to stick to routes far away from heavy car-traffic to protect your baby from breathing in the emissions.

  3. Lock the front wheel. Most baby jogging strollers have a fixed front wheel. But if your running stroller has a front wheel that can move freely, make sure it is locked before running with your jogging baby stroller.

  4. Inspect the jogging stroller regularly. Make sure everything is as it should be on your jogging stroller. Make sure bolts and screws are not loose. Make sure the tires are properly inflated and the wheels spin freely. Test the brakes and safety features when your child isn't in the running stroller. You will also want to inspect the interior to make sure there aren't any rocks or twigs that have fallen in that will make your child less comfortable.

  5. Don't push yourself. If you are near the edges of your comfort zone, whether it be heat, cold or tiredness, odds are your baby is way beyond his comfort zone. So leave your baby at home on days when the weather isn't good or you will be doing harder runs. Also, consider that when you are exhausted, you may be more likely to lose control of the jogging stroller.

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