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Timex Watch Fact Sheet

by Rob Wagner

Men's and women's gold and silver Timex watches

Timex watches are produced by the privately held Timex Group USA Inc., which was founded in 1854 and has been producing Timex watches since 1950. From quartz watches to mechanical wristwatches, the well-known watch brand offers men's and women's watches with luxury detailing and sports technology. Timex also manufactures a line of advanced outdoor wristwatches with built-in compasses, thermometers and barometers. Use these facts to help you choose a women's or men's Timex watch for your collection.

All about Timex Watches:

  1. Marketing strength: Timex offers men's watches and women's watches that are competitively priced, featuring value and manufacturing that is well worth the investment. Timex is well branded among baby boomers, who recall from the ubiquitous 1960s television commercials that "it takes a licking and keeps on ticking." Timex has become one of the most common American watch brands, and women's and men's Timex watches are popular among consumers of all ages and style preferences.

  2. Contemporary styling: Timex offers stylish watches that easily compete with high-end outdoor brands and luxury timepieces at higher price points. Men's and women's watches accentuate casual and formal ensembles and can easily be worn daily. Timex's accuracy and durability are competitive with the best watches on the market. Many of their men's and women's dress watches feature classic minimalist designs that will go with anything in your wardrobe. For a statement-making timepiece, look for two-toned gold and diamond styles.

  3. Features: Timex offers a variety of timekeeping features, many of which are incredibly innovative. The Timex WS4 wristwatch, for example, is an advanced sport watch with functions that can be useful in the city or on a survival trip. Check the temperature, altitude and barometric pressure and quickly find out which way is east with the WS4 outdoor watch. The unique and striking Timex TX Linear chronograph watch features a movement that runs vertically and a second time-zone dial. Timex is committed to making watches that incorporate the latest innovations in watch movements. Timex also makes digital sport watches that are loaded with extras and made for accompanying you on outdoor adventures.

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