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Things to Know Before Choosing a White Down Comforter

Things to Know Before Choosing a White Down Comforter

a white comforter on a bed
There are plenty of great reasons for buying a white down comforter. White down comforters, also known as white duvets, are very warm and soft, and they have a distinct look that you just can't get from other bedding. Keep reading to find out a few facts that will help you get the most out of your white down comforter.
a white comforter on a bed

Buying White Down Comforters:

It’s uncertain why down comforters were originally white.

It may be that comforters began to be made mostly with white shells because the white would hide the down feathers that leaked through the shell, which was especially a problem before modern technology allowed for down-proof shells. Perhaps the style stuck even after it ceased to be necessary. That’s conjecture; however, it’s very true that white down comforters have a classy, distinct look that can improve the look of any bedroom.

White down comforters require some maintenance.

White down comforters are lovely, but they’re also white. That means that spills will show easily. Sometimes, the down-proof fabric is thin and can tear easily, especially in comforter shells with ultra-high thread counts. That doesn’t mean that you need to worry, but keep in mind that you want to have a white down comforter on your bed, you should be careful about having any food or drinks near the bed (or children with markers) because stains show up easily on white down comforters, and you can’t clean a comforter by simply tossing it in the washing machine; most down comforters must be dry cleaned.

You can change the look of a white down comforter with a duvet cover.

A duvet cover, also known as a comforter cover, is simply a shell that fits around your white duvet. You can find duvet covers in a wide variety of patterns and colors, including white if you want a cover but also want the pristine look of a white down comforter. One big plus about using a comforter cover is the fact that a comforter cover can protect your expensive white down comforter from stains and wear. If you spill something on a duvet cover, it’s simple to remove it and toss it in the wash. Even if you ruin a duvet cover, you can buy a new one for far less than you can buy a new white down comforter.