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Things to Consider When Buying a Billiards Table

by Staff Writer

Billiard table with cues and balls

Often referred to as pool tables, billiard tables are loved all over the globe. More popular than ever five centuries after its invention, billiards continues to win fans. Indoor game lovers keep picking up pool cues, racking up pool balls and dropping them in the pockets for fun or as professional players. Whether you're a pro or new to the game, there's a lot to consider when purchasing a billiards table. Fortunately, this guide will help you learn some things to consider when buying a billiards table.

Buying a Billiards Table:

  1. Weight: You've heard the joke about the 600-pound gorilla in the room; when it comes to your billiards table, it's no joke. Small, fairly light tables are available, but a tournament-grade table can weigh a quarter ton or more, so choose carefully where your pool table will sit, then put it there and leave it. Moving a pool table solo is an absolute no-no. If you don't break the table, you may very well break yourself! Trying to move a billiards table can also cause misalignment in the slate, bumpers and other parts, throwing your game way off.

  2. Size: You want to play comfortably in your billiard room. Obviously, the pool table you can buy is dependent on the size of your billiards room. Pool tables are available in lengths from six feet through 12 feet, with standard table width at half the length. The most common sizes are seven feet, eight feet and nine feet. If your space is limited, pool cue lengths also vary: A standard billiards cue is 57 or 58 inches long, but you can get shorter cues -- 52, 48, or even 42 inches -- meaning you can get a larger table in a smaller room. Other than needing less space, the smaller pool tables also make for better games for children and casual players.

  3. Cost: Finally, set your budget and stick to it. Options that can raise the price of a pool table include wood in place of laminates, ornate carving in place of flat surfaces, thicker slate and fancier accessories. If you are a serious player, the additional investment you make in a tournament-grade billiards table will bring you a return every time you rack 'em up.

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