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The Ultimate Guide to Office Chair Sizes

The Ultimate Guide to Office Chair Sizes

Office chairs aren’t a one-size-fits-all item; there are different options for different body types. A chair that’s right for your height and weight keeps you comfortable and lasts longer. More importantly, it helps you hold a spine-safe position while you work, which prevents aches and pains. Keep reading to learn about common office chair sizes and find out which is best for your build.


Standard Office Chairs

Most standard-sized chairs are engineered to support a maximum of 250 pounds and fit people who are between 5 feet 5 inches and 6 feet 2 inches tall. That’s a big height range, so many chairs feature adjustable-height bases and backrests that slide forward and backward. Standard chairs usually have seats that are 17-20 inches wide and 16-18 inches deep.


Big and Tall Office Chairs for Tall People

If you’re taller than 6 feet 2 inches, big and tall office chairs offer welcome relief. Each component is larger and stronger, providing plenty of support for your frame. The tall backrests ensure that the lumbar support lines up with your lower back and the headrest actually reaches your head. Engineered with robust frames, big and tall chairs usually support up to 500 pounds. With extra cushioning, tall bases, and seats up to 32 inches wide, these large office chairs deliver serious comfort.


Petite Office Chairs for Short People

On the other end of the design spectrum, you’ll find petite chairs. Bid farewell to your footrest; these chairs feature shallower seats, so your feet can rest flat on the floor. The smaller seat width and backrest height are proportionate to your frame, which means that you won’t feel dwarfed by the chair when meeting with clients or leading video calls.

Small office chairs come with seat heights as low as 14 inches, making them a good fit for people who are 5 feet 5 inches and shorter. Many models also have armrests that adjust inward to suit narrower bodies.


Extra-Wide Office Chairs for Heavy People

For those seeking heavier duty support, but not quite tall enough for big and tall styles, extra-wide models offer the best of both worlds. Made with seat widths of 20 inches or more, these models eliminate pinching and restriction. Armless chairs and models with flip-up arms offer even more flexibility. As you search for extra-wide options, pay attention to the weight capacity; heavy-duty bases usually support 275-300 pounds.

When you spend 8 hours behind a desk each day, a quality office chair is worth the investment. As you explore chair models, size should be your first filter. Check out our guide on How to Adjust the Height of an Office Chair for more on basic sizing.