Livable & Luxurious Bedroom Designed With Taniya Nayak

Livable & Luxurious Bedroom Designed With Taniya Nayak

This guide is part of our Overstock Brand Ambassador series, home design tips provided by industry experts.


With Taniya Nayak
Brand Ambassador

Known for her sunny smile and sharp eye, Taniya’s approachable take on interior design has won over everyone from rock stars to first time homebuyers. She became a household name as a design expert member on HGTV, Food Network, and ABC. Taniya owns a successful, Boston-based interior design firm, Taniya Nayak Design, where she adds a fresh, clean look to both commercial and residential spaces. Taniya’s knack for bringing rich textures and unexpected finishes together with practical, real-life functionality has made her a go-to expert for design programs on major networks.


How It Came Together

Plush Textures Over Color

I want fluffy bedding — something I want to dive into. I love when a bed is made imperfectly; it might be folded back, but not nicely. Something that looks thoughtful, but not like someone just got out of it. To achieve this, use layers, like chunky blankets, or a headboard with a roll fabric. I love throw pillows, but I don’t necessarily love patterns unless it creates more texture. I’d rather see a different weave than a print. I always incorporate something woven in every space.

My one exception is that I prefer no window treatments; just black window frames to keep it simple, streamlined, and clean. But it depends on the other textiles in the room, like how plush the bed or accent chairs are.

Mixed Mediums

Mixing mediums, like leather and wood, can help to create the color palette. It depends on the aesthetic, but if you want to mix these elements in a more modern way, go for a softer headboard in lighter fabrics, like a tan linen, against a concrete-looking wall covering. I love Portola paints for a DIY plaster to create beautiful texture and movement on walls.

Fresh Greenery

I’m not as much into florals, so when I incorporate plants, I like leafy greens, like an Audrey fern. It’s a stunning new take on the fiddle fig that everybody loves. It’s still tall and lean, but its leaves are softer.

Statement Pieces

I love a ‘wow’ moment — like a bench at the end of the bed, a big leaning mirror, or big pendant. I love moments of lighting, especially pendants as side lighting over nightstands, or something unique, like a tape light behind a headboard.

You can also bring in a statement with more abstract, modern artwork. If there was ever to be color in my space, I’d be okay if that’s where it’s brought in.

Home Design Tips With Taniya Nayak

What is the first thing you’d like someone to say/feel when they enter your home (or a room you designed)?

I always had the notion of livable luxury — something that looks like it’s high end, or looks like it would get destroyed, but the fabrics are tough enough that it won’t be ruined if kids come in. I’m also a person — my dog sleeps in my bedroom. He’s high maintenance! So I’m a fan of any furniture that’s pet-friendly.

At the end of the day, I want it to be really comfortable and elegant, because I don’t like clutter. I always bring in storage to stay minimalist.

How would you say people describe your style?

I lean towards modern, but not uber-modern, just more texture than color. For example, I’m comfy playing in a wide range of neutrals, like linen, oatmeal, and gray with a contrast, like metals and woods. There’s also usually a slight nod to the nautical because my space is on the water — but it’s urban living in the city.

I love to retro fit. As much as I love a modern aesthetic, if there’s something unique and different that doesn’t quite fit the mold, I love to see a little weird and kooky. Something that almost doesn’t belong, but it does.

What is a favorite item in your home and why?

I’m currently redesigning my bedroom to put in a little mini fridge and espresso machine that can be tucked away. I like a TV in the bedroom, so this way I can watch my news, have my coffee, and then be off and running.

Any new trends that you love or hate?

Lately I’ve been crazy about slatted wood backdrops. People are loving this right now and I’m seeing it everywhere. I’d pair it with a black, white, and ivory palette and metal thrown in.

There’s not really any trends I hate, because I can respect anything that’s done well. Even if it’s not my taste, I’m envious because I wish I’d thought of it. But I’m not a fan of gaudiness, or crystal-y stuff unless it’s rustic. The overly glam, metallic-y, glittery look is not for me.

Favorite design era?

I love mid-century modern design. I have an Eames chair, because statement chairs are always fun. I grew up with Wesley chairs, so maybe it started there.

Any color combos that you love together?

I love a deep rust, not red and not orange. Almost garnet rather than ox blood. A pop or subtle amount of that is perfect. I’m always about jewel tones, deep and super rich in hue, like navy or teal. Books are always a pretty way to bring in a unified color palette if they’re done in a nice, neat way.

In your perfect space, what celebrity would be there?

Charlize Theron. She’s super sophisticated, with gorgeous, elegant style, but someone you could totally have a beer or shoot tequila with.

What item do you bring into the bedroom during the holidays?

You could do furry ivory stockings to add that layer of festivity, or a vintage-looking bell garland. This might be more of a nostalgia thing, but I LOVE a snow globe. I think a couple on display is cute. A deep velvet green pillow is also tasteful if it’s paired with another brushed gold-tone pillow. These are ways to make a bedroom feel more festive that aren’t crazy or over-the-top.