Fresh Sunroom Decorating Tips

Fresh Sunroom Decorating Tips

Sunrooms are a transitional space that provide all the sunshine and warmth of the outdoors without exposing your furnishings to the elements. Although some sunrooms are perfectly suited for use as a dining space or living room, many feature versatile layouts that can be used in a variety of different ways. Read on to check out our list of sunroom essentials and how you can use them to style your space.

Home Sunroom Essentials

While sunrooms vary significantly by decor style and use, there are a few basic fundamentals that you’ll find in almost any sunroom design. If you’re looking to decorate or re-style your sunroom, these categories are a great place to start.

Sunroom Seating

Sunrooms bring in all the picturesque warmth of the outdoors, and there’s no better way to enjoy that than on a cozy sofa or armchair. Soak up some morning rays in a cozy chaise lounge, or sit back and relax on a padded bench.

Sunroom Rugs

Most sunrooms have concrete, wood, or tile floors, but you can take the edge off with a plush area rug. Remember that any furnishing in a sunroom will receive more sunlight than normal, so look for UV resistant rugs made of polypropylene or polyester that won’t fade in the sun.

Sunroom Lighting

One of the great benefits of a sunroom is that you can enjoy it at any time of day, and lighting plays an important role in that. Whether it’s a suspended pendant or chandelier, string lights, or a simple table lamp, nothing adds atmosphere to your sunroom like lighting.

Sunroom Window Treatments

Window treatments like curtains and shades are great for diffusing sunlight when your sunroom gets too hot or bright. Blinds can also be added to increase privacy and add personality to your walls.

Sunroom Accent Decor

Accent decor in a sunroom is a great way to help blur the line between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Garden statues fit in beautifully with tiled floors and hanging plants, while popular outdoor accents like wall sculptures and wind chimes add to the transitional nature of your space.

Sunroom Flooring

Most sunrooms feature concrete floors that are an uncomfortable eyesore, but simple flooring solutions like laminate are easy to install and add plenty of tasteful character. Tile and hardwood floors often take a bit more installation expertise, but their premium look is impressively resilient and long-lasting.

Use Your Sunroom as a Living Room

Sunroom decorated with additonal sitting or living room.

If you find that your home is in need of additional seating, you may consider turning your sunroom into a second living or sitting room. A good living room provides exceptional comfort without compromising style, and that's especially true in a sunroom living room space. A jute or cotton outdoor area rug can offer a touch of cozy sophistication while providing increased insulation and comfort underfoot. Remember that upholstered seating like sofas or daybeds are likely to be exposed to more sunlight than most traditional sofas were designed for, so look for sun-resistant fabrics like Sunbrella that won't fade or show wear from the constant sunlight. Earthy decor pairs beautifully with sunroom design, and natural materials like wood and wicker make a wonderful complement to the bright, airy feel.

Sunroom decorated with additonal sitting or living room.
Sunroom decorated with additonal sitting or living room.

Living Room Sunroom Essentials

Sunroom Wall Art

Wall art for your sunroom should be UV-resistant and match the earthy decor of your space. Look for pieces that reflect the refreshing open-air scenery outside.

Sunroom Console Tables

Console tables are great for sunrooms because their slender design adds plenty of storage and display space, without overcrowding your room. Gorgeous console tables made from natural materials like wood, stone, and metal look right at home in any sunroom.

Sunroom Sofas

Sofa’s for the sunroom come in all shapes and sizes, but it’s a good idea to find a piece designed with UV-resistant fabric. Sofas and sectionals are great at transforming your sunroom into a living-room-style space, but they can also be set against the wall for added seating in other sunroom design styles.

Sunroom Chandeliers

Nothing rounds off a sunroom like a well-lit chandelier. Perfect for adding light on dark evenings and misty mornings, chandeliers and other pendent-style lighting will help provide a cozy atmosphere all day and night.

Use Your Sunroom as a Dining Room

Sunroom decorated as a secondary beautiful dining room.

Turning your sunroom into a main or secondary dining area is one of our favorite design ideas. It's easy to incorporate stylish dining furniture and decor to match the look and feel of your home for a bright and breezy place to enjoy family meals. It's a great idea to add a shelf unit or storage cabinet to the room for easy access to dishes, glassware, and linens such as tablecloths and napkins. Window-lined walls are part of what makes any sunroom special, but they also make your space susceptible to rapid heat-loss in winter and overheating during the summer. While you'll want to keep your view unobstructed, curtains are a great way to add insulation and texture to your walls.

Sunroom decorated as a secondary beautiful dining room.
Sunroom decorated as a secondary beautiful dining room.

Dining Room Sunroom Essentials

Sunroom Dinnerware

Nothing helps create the perfect mealtime atmosphere in a sunroom like specific dinnerware for your space. Consider using dinnerware that incorporates natural imagery or fresh patterns to help bring the outdoors in.

Sunroom Dining Tables

The right dining table is crucial to creating the perfect dining space in your sunroom. Glass dining tables with wiry metal frames add old world charm, while tables made from solid wood make a hearty centerpiece that helps ground the space.

Sunroom Pendant Lamps

Pendant lamps are a dining room staple that make for an excellent addition to any sunroom. While it’s important that you find a pendant lamp that’s bright enough for evening meals, make sure to factor in the decor style in your space.

Sunroom Buffet Cabinets

Pendant lamps are a dining room staple that make for an excellent addition to any sunroom. While it’s important that you find a pendant lamp that’s bright enough for evening meals, make sure to factor in the decor style in your space.

Use Your Sunroom as a Garden Space

Sunroom decorated as a garden and potting room.

Like greenhouses, the windows in your sunroom can help trap the kind of heat and humidity that's ideal for most plant species, making it a great space to cultivate an indoor garden. Try to incorporate as much greenery as possible throughout your sunroom. Fill planters, pots, and raised flowerboxes to the brim with vibrant blooms or carefully tend them into a useful patch of herbs and spices. Solid wood potting benches are perfect for holding watering cans, tools, and gloves, while a larger gardening table is a great place to pot and prune plants. Terracotta planters and pottery are long-lasting decorations that add plenty of natural personality. Fill each surface in your sunroom with a variety of plant styles and sizes for a splendid look and lush oasis you can enjoy all year round.

Sunroom decorated as a garden and potting room.
Sunroom decorated as a garden and potting room.

Garden Room Sunroom Essentials

Sunroom Potting Benches

Nothing sets the stage for a sunroom garden space like a charming potting bench or garden cart. Whether you use it to pot your flowers or not, potting benches provide excellent character and charm and can be a great place to display potted plants and other decorative accents.

Sunroom Flowerpots

Plants are an essential addition to any garden-style space, and there’s no better way to display them than in a stylish flower pot on the floor or a table. Flowerpots come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to find just the right piece to complement your sunroom design scheme.

Sunroom Benches and Stools

While the main focuses of your sunroom garden are your vibrant greenery and natural florals, it’s always a good idea to include a few simple seating options. Benches made from streamlined metallic frames or warm woods make an excellent place to enjoy your botanical retreat, while porcelain garden stools make excellent accent tables while adding tons of charming character.

Sunroom Garden Tools

While they perform important gardening functions in your outdoor garden, gardening tools can also make it easy to prune and take care of the plants throughout your sunroom. Simple additions like hand-held trowels, gardening gloves, and watering cans are excellent for being both useful and decorative.