Stylist Picks: Top 8 Shag Rugs

Stylist Picks: Top 8 Shag Rugs

This guide is part of our Overstock Stylist Commentary series, home design tips written by industry experts.


by Melanie McLaws

I’ve worked here as a Stylist at Overstock for the past 4 years. Before that, my experience was in the world of styling fashion and editorial photography. That world lead me down a path to set styling and eventually landed me here. It’s exciting to have been working on sets and in the creative industry for almost a decade now. I find deep meaning and inspiration through film, music, fashion and of course Mother Nature, the greatest artist of them all.


In this roundup, Melanie McLaws shares her top 8 shag rugs sold on


Safavieh Polar Shag Bibi Glam Solid 3-inch Extra Thick Rug (White)

Safavieh Polar Shag Bibi Glam Solid 3-inch Extra Thick Rug

I love this rug as a runner for a cozy addition to the end of a bed or a walk-in closet. The thinner weave mimics the organic nature of fur, so it’s the perfect fluffy addition to a glam room. It’ll soften up all the shimmer with some variation from the hard shine of more metallic textures.


The rug’s longer, more luxurious strands make for an elegant shag. They tend to get tangled in a vacuum, so you’ll want to rely on your attachments for cleaning. Because it’s harder to clean, I wouldn’t recommend this shag for high traffic areas. Avoid placing it in a hall or entryway where it’ll get dirty easier and more often. I’d also slide a rug pad beneath it to give it traction.


Safavieh California Shag Izat 2-inch Thick Rug (Mushroom)

Safavieh California Brown Shag Izat 2-inch Thick Rug in a room with a grey bench and pouf

Speckled with similar shades, this shag rug provides tons of dimension. The different hues give the illusion of added texture and shadow, creating a pattern. I love this rug in Mushroom. It’s a grounding, earthy color, bringing warmth to lightwood floors and simple spaces. That being said, this shag comes in 20 different colorways and 26 sizes, so it’ll be easy to find the right fit for your home. Thick and comfy, it’s densely woven with a 2-inch pile. That makes it perfect for a kids’ room or play area, or a plush landing to soften hardwood floors. Again, I’d recommend a rug pad for more cushion and to prevent sliding.


Safavieh Hudson Shag Estella Diamond Trellis 2-inch Thick Rug (Ivory and Beige)

Safavieh Hudson White and Grey Shag Estella Diamond Trellis 2-inch Thick Rug in a room with a white chair and a grey pouf

I’m a sucker for a neutral rug, and this one twirls together a few similar shades. The effect is a natural mottled look throughout the fibers.


I also appreciate that the print is not overpowering. The classic tile design within the thick shag pile is just the right amount of subtle. I really admire how the lines break up the solid color of the rug for a sophisticated look. The pattern’s simplicity is completely versatile, so it would blend with any style. Neutral palettes like you see in Scandi, modern farmhouse, and nautical designs would pair well. But again, I’d choose this shag when you want to enjoy the rug’s texture without it distracting from its surroundings.


By nature, shags like this one can be challenging to clean. They’re best used in a living room or bedroom (not so much in a dining area). Use a rug pad wherever it’s placed.


Safavieh Moroccan Tassel Shag Iulieana 2-inch Thick Rug (Ivory/Brown)

Safavieh Moroccan Tassel Grey and White Shag Iulieana 2-inch Thick Rug in a Southwestern-style room with a leather chair and pouf

My personal style is very simple, so I love the Ivory/Brown option for this shag. The brown blends calmly with the creams, toning down the busy print. With a geometric pattern and tassels, it fits a boho, rustic, or modern farmhouse space.


I also love a high-low pile rug. It’s the best of both worlds when you want a soft rug that’s easy to clean. This shag has got a deep 2-inch pile accompanied by a thinner tight weave. The contrast adds even more interest and dimension, but the high-low pile is not for everyone. It can be a tripping hazard with its varying heights. A rug pad underneath can provide more stability.


All that combined, this shag has a lot going on visually. I’d use it in a simple space where it can really pop, or an eclectic room where it can blend right in.


Safavieh Moroccan Tassel Shag Kobi 2-inch Thick Rug (Ivory/Grey)

Safavieh Moroccan Tassel Grey Geometric Pattern Shag Kobi 2-inch Thick Round Rug in a Southwestern-style room with a leather chair

I love this shag as a runner in a hallway or used as a conversation starter in a bigger room. The ivory/grey blend is my favorite, with a stone color that stands out beautifully within the geometric shapes.


This rug is a total statement piece and a tactical delight. It’s another high-low shag, and that pile is going to give you a lot of placement options. Because it has a shorter, more subtle variant, the pile is easier to clean and easier to navigate.


If you ever have trouble with wrangling unruly tassels or corners, take out your handy portable steamer. Give those fibers a good steam. Then use something heavy like a stack of books to weigh the shag down while it dries. Voila.


Safavieh Florida Shag Shahin Scroll 1.2-inch Thick Rug (Cream on Cream)

Safavieh Florida Cream Carved Scrollwork Pattern Shag 1.2-inch Thick Rug in a room with a cream colored, round, tufted ottoman

Here we see another version of a high-low shag rug. The density makes it super soft and a treat for your feet as long as you don’t mind walking on the varying heights. A rug pad can always add extra cushion.


With its scrolling vine pattern, this rug a simple yet classic design that pairs well with any traditional or French country style. What I love about the color options for this rug is that they set the tone for the whole room. You can go with a discrete pattern, or one that really pops and makes the rug a strong focal point. I’d go with the cream on cream, because I prefer a pattern that doesn’t compete with anything else in the room. It makes a strong yet subtle base.


Safavieh Florida Shag Sigtraud Abstract Waves 1.2-inch Thick Rug (Ivory/Black)

Safavieh Florida Shag Sigtraud White and Black Abstract Waves 1.2-inch Thick Rug in a room with a black chair

This is an iconic short shag. With its subtle curves and plush texture, this rug works to balance the rigid shapes found in transitional, contemporary, or modern spaces. The organic wave pattern really gives the high-low pile strong visual appeal.


The short pile can be easier to clean, which allows for more versatility in where and how you place the rug (rug pad still recommended for grip).


I love the ivory/black option for its a sleek modern edge. Whichever color you choose, consider pairing a glass table with this rug to take full advantage of its flowing pattern. When you avoid interrupting the shag’s design, it immediately becomes a statement piece.


Covey Plush Checkered Thick Shag Area Rug (Sage)

Covey Plush Green and Cream Checkered Thick Shag Area Rug with a wooden stool

The pattern and color in this shag are so playful, perfect for teens and kids rooms. The tall pile height gives it a super soft texture, which makes a cozy landing for bare feet — a great option for next to or under a bed. The long fibers also make this rug easy to clean. Just give it new life with a vacuum of carpet rake. You’ll want to use a rug mat to prevent slipping on hard wood or tile floors.

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