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10 Stylish Fall Tablescapes

10 Stylish Fall Tablescapes

Stylish Fall Tablescape 2020
Your dining table should be the crown jewel of your autumn decor. Make it a stylish place to gather by creating a festive fall tablescape. These fall tablescape ideas can help you come up creative ways you can bring autumn’s beauty to your dining table.

Spooky Halloween

Fall Tablescapes with Halloween Decor

If Halloween is your favorite part of autumn, then you can use your fall tablescape to show your love for spooky decorations. A lighthearted theme that walks the line between creepy and amusing works best for dining tables. Use plastic skulls, fuzzy spiders, and glowing jack-o’-lanterns to capture this mood. For a more formal Halloween theme, use candelabras, goblets, and cottony spiderwebs to make your table look like it belongs in the great hall of a haunted mansion.


Pumpkin Garden

Fall Tablescape with Pumpkins

Pumpkins are perfect fall decorations. They tie into autumn’s harvest theme while also matching the season’s color palette. To use these organic ornaments for your fall tablescape, gather an assortment of mini pumpkins and arrange them between your placemats, serveware, and dishes. Real pumpkins typically last several weeks, but if you want table decorations that stay beautiful year after year, get some artificial pumpkins instead.


Formal Yet Festive

Formal Fall Tablescape

If you want your table to look both classy and fun, combine festive autumn elements with formal table decor. Large flamboyant arrangements of pumpkins, pinecones, and leaves are perfect for bringing cheerful autumn appeal to your fine china, shining silverware, and elegantly folded napkins. This refined fall tablescape is great for Thanksgiving dinner, but you don’t have to wait for Turkey Day to use it. Lay it out on when the leaves start to drop and let it beautify your dining room all season long.


Bountiful Harvest

Harvest Fall Tablescape

Fall is when farmers gather their crops, so it’s traditionally been associated with abundance. Pay homage to this tradition by decorating your table with fruits, vegetables, berries, and gourds. You can gather these offerings from your own garden or use artificial alternatives for lasting beauty. If your arrangement is looking sparse, fill it out with ornate pedestals, platters, and tea lights for a plentiful look.


Refreshing Green & Gold

Fall Tablescape with Green and Gold Decor
Image Provided by 2 Ladies & A Chair

While orange, red, and yellow are great for any fall tablescape, using a fresher palette is also welcome. For a stylish blend of refreshing and exquisite decor, mix lush greenery with golden accents like candlesticks, vases, and platters. The green can come from plant life, colored glass, or even a tablecloth. To complete the look, mix in a handful of white elements such as flower blossoms and ceramic turkey ornaments.


Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Thanksgiving Centerpiece
Image Provided by Cotton Bush

Decorating with an eye-catching Thanksgiving centerpiece is an easy way to dress your table for autumn. When choosing your centerpiece, find one you can build your tablescape around. For example, if your centerpiece is a flowery wreath, fill out your fall tablescape with floral accents that match. If instead you choose a basket or cornucopia filled with apples, place additional apples around it for an abundant look. With a stylish centerpiece, your table will be ready for Thanksgiving feasts as well as casual meals.


Rustic Comfort

Rustic Fall Tablescape

Homespun and cozy, a Rustic tablescape is an excellent choice for homey autumn decor. A creamy color palette is ideal for a comforting ambiance, so choose linens in soft shades of brown, beige, and white for your Rustic table. To keep with fall tradition, mellow reds and oranges are also fitting. Natural wood ornaments are perfect for Rustic style, and many people even use short cross sections of tree trunks as platters or as pedestals for candles and floral arrangements.


Autumnal Flowers

Fall Tablescape with Autumn Flowers in Vase
Image Provided by Craftberry Bush

If you love floral arrangements but want to follow an autumn theme with your table, you’re in luck. While fall is typically associated with fading leaves and chilly weather, many flowers bloom in fall. With chrysanthemums, pansies, and black-eyed Susans, you can bring fresh beauty to your fall tablescape while sticking to an autumn color scheme. Display these gorgeous blossoms in glass vases, ornate planters, or wicker baskets to give each arrangement a finished look.


Golden Pumpkin Patch

Fall Tablescape with Gold Pumpkins
Image Provided by Dress Cori Lynn

Use golden pumpkins to decorate your table for a glamorous spin on the typical mini-pumpkin tablescape. Gold-colored artificial pumpkins glitz up any fall tablescape, and pumpkins made from gold-tinted glass can hold LED lights to serve as beautiful lanterns. For a fun DIY project, you can even use stencils and gold spray paint to decorate real pumpkins. To finish the look of a glittery and enchanting pumpkin patch, surround your dazzling gourds with green linens and leafy sprigs.


Glam Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Tablescapes with Glam Decor Accents

Thanksgiving decor is typically Rustic, but you can get all the festive charm of the holiday with Glam decor as well. Instead of creamy colors and natural wood decorations, opt for lustrous metallic accents in warm colors. Rose gold candlesticks, polished martini glasses, and brightly colored napkins are all excellent choices. To ground all this gleaming finery in Thanksgiving tradition, subtly incorporate a few pumpkins, pinecones, and sprigs of berries into your fall tablescape as well.