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Stuhrling Original Watches Buying Guide

Stuhrling Original Watches Buying Guide

three watches laid on black rocks
Anyone who appreciates the beauty and craftsmanship of intricate timepieces must have a Stuhrling Original watch. Stuhrling Original is a new brand from a family with a long history in the Swiss watchmaking industry. Stuhrling Original men's watches and Stuhrling Original women's watches are quality timepieces, and Stuhrling is proud to produce unique watches for every wardrobe. Stuhrling's aim is to perfect the craftsmanship of fine watches while making them exceptionally affordable. All their fine timepieces are produced with the highest attention to detail and excellence by making the most of Swiss engineering, Swiss technology, and Swiss artisanship. When considering how to buy a new women's watch or men's watch, you owe it to yourself to research Stuhrling watches. This guide offers in-depth information on the Stuhrling Original brand and tips on selecting a men's watch or women's watch for your collection.
three watches laid on black rocks

All about Stuhrling Original Watches:

Watch options:

Stuhrling Original watches are available in many designs for both men and women. These styles are favored by discerning consumers and include classic two-hand analogs and multifunction chronographs, mechanical and quartz movements, and sport and luxury styles. Stuhrling watches are classically styled, but they don’t fade into the background. Distinct watch styling puts your Stuhrling front and center, whether you wear it with business-casual attire or a tuxedo.

Swiss watchmaking art and tradition:

With careful attention to detail, skilled Stuhrling watchmakers construct watches that combine Swiss horology — the history and craft of making watches — with the best of new technology. With careful precision, craftsmen make Stuhrling watches in Stuhrling Original’s Swiss-owned factory, under the supervision of expert Swiss watchmakers.

Stuhrling Original watch movements:

Movement, the interior mechanism of the watch that drives the timekeeping functions, is the most important component of any watch. The best watchmakers take care to produce the most accurate and durable movements possible. Most Stuhrling Original watches have automatic movements, which is a mechanical movement with a self-winding design.

Assembling the Stuhrling watch mechanical movement involves no less than 30 checkpoints distributed throughout the process.

The self-winding calibers are made of more than 150 parts and mostly assembled by hand.

The watch movement must meet seven different criteria of quality under close inspection.

Movements must meet a very accurate mean variation in rate, which is the highest standard of its class in the industry.

Many watch lovers prefer the traditional craftsmanship of a mechanical movement; however, Stuhrling Original also offers the convenience of quartz movements in some of their watches. These watches feature quality, highly accurate quartz movements that are constructed with the same meticulous attention to detail that distinguishes the Stuhrling Original automatic watches.

Stuhrling Original watch cases:

A watch case not only protects the movement, it defines the aesthetic quality of any wristwatch. Stuhrling Original distinguishes their cases with technical complexity and the quality of their finish to create an appealing design and appearance.

Stuhrling Original watch cases are designed to stand up to extreme use.

The cases are constructed of antimagnetic 316L surgical-grade stainless steel.

Antimagnetic steel prevents magnetic fields in the environment from affecting the movement.

Many cases have an electroplated finish of 23-karat yellow gold or rose gold.

Finishing a case calls for 15 different polishing operations.

The finishing operations are all performed by hand and rigorously tested.

Stuhrling Original watch dials:

The dial, also called the face, of a Stuhrling watch combines traditional Swiss aesthetics with new state-of-the-art technology and includes all of the accoutrements you would expect from a fine Swiss watch.

Building the Stuhrling watch dial requires more than 40 operations.

Watchmakers use vintage hydraulic German machines to create special effects.

Dials reflect specialized polishing and electroplating operations.

Artisans apply the Super Luminova luminous finish to hands and numbers by hand which demands intense concentration.

Skeleton dials display the intricate and hand-engraved mechanical movements.

Once finished, each dial undergoes careful aesthetic scrutiny under extreme magnification and testing.

Tips from Overstock.com

There comes a time when every young man or woman needs to learn the value of quality clothing and accessories. If you admire the art of making fine timepieces, teach your son, daughter, niece, nephew or godchild to respect the tradition by giving them a Stuhrling Original watch for a special occasion. They will appreciate having handsome Stuhrling automatic watches or elegant ladies’ luxury watches to wear for formal events and will realize the value of a full collection of cherished watches. Stuhrling Original watches are the perfect gift for any graduation, birthday or gift-giving holiday.