5 Fun Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

5 Fun Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

When you spend Christmas with children, you can surely expect a lot of eager excitement. Before you can even take a sip of your morning coffee, the little ones are rearing to open presents. Satisfy the wishes of all the boys and girls on your holiday list with these stocking stuffer ideas for kids.


Cookie Cutter Stocking Stuffers for Young Bakers

star wars cookie cutters

Kids of all ages can appreciate baking with parents and grandparents, so get a baking party started this Christmas. Gift an apron that matches yours to invite them into the kitchen. Or you could wrap up a miniature rolling pin or whisk. Cookie cutters are another great stocking stuffer idea for kids because of all the amusing shapes available. From dinos to emojis with lots of variety in-between, you can pick out a shape or two for each kid based on their interests. For extra fun, prep some gingerbread or sugar cookie dough in advance. Once all the presents have been opened, roll out that dough and let the fun continue.


Doll Accessories Stocking Stuffers for Little Girls

18 inch doll with toy dog

When choosing stocking stuffers for little girls, the easiest gifts are ones she can use at play time. If the girl on your gift list loves dolls, pick out some new accessories that she’ll integrate into imagination play. Maybe her doll could adopt a puppy dog and kitty cat. Or perhaps she’s taking her doll on a ski vacation, so Barbie will need a winter coat. If you’re picking out doll clothes, make sure to get the correct size based on the type of doll she likes best.


Night Light Stocking Stuffers if They're Scared of the Dark

cute bunny night light

Lights out can be spooky, but a night light can help your kiddo be brave. For a useful stocking stuffer for kids, give a cheeky plug-in night light that your little one can set up in the bathroom, hallway or their bedroom – wherever the night-time scaries may be hiding. All kinds of fun shapes are out there, so find one that speaks to your child or grandchild’s sense of humor or imagination.


Bath Bomb Stocking Stuffers for a Bubble Blast

rubber ducky bath bomb

Shampoo mohawks, rubber duckies, and splashing in the tub are all quintessential to bath time fun. Make it extra exciting this Christmas with a kids’ stocking stuffer that can go in the bath. Kids’ bath bombs aim to excite by changing the bath water into a bubbly array of fantastic colors. Give surprise-inside bath bombs to grandkids who are staying over for Christmas and have left their regular bathtub toys at home. From mini rubber duckies to dragons and unicorns, the tiny toys concealed inside will be revealed like magic.


Hint At Big Gifts With Stocking Stuffer Clues

swing set with slide

The little ones are finally big enough to play safely on a home swing set, so you’re thrilled that Santa got it all set up while they were sleeping. Come morning, the kids will be so giddy about the presents under the tree that they surely won’t give the window a second glance. While swing sets and trampolines aren’t usually considered stocking stuffers, you can create a treasure hunt that starts by the fireplace and ends in the backyard. On either a cute card or piece of stationary, write out a clue to help your kiddo discover the outdoor toy. If more than one can read, split the clue up so that each child gets one in their stocking. Get the iPhone or cam-corder ready and watch as they go wild when they discover what’s hiding in plain sight.

Now that the kids are covered, are you ready to find gifts for the grown-ups on your Christmas list? Check out our full hub of Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Christmas for all the possibilities.