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Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men

Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men

Before tearing into the larger presents, stocking stuffers are the soft open for the big event. When you’re looking for stocking stuffer ideas for men, it’s easy to get bogged down with all the possibilities. Here are a few of our favorite stocking stuffer ideas for all the guys in your life.


Coffee Gifts for Java Joes

ceramic coffee pour over

He loves a cuppa joe in the morning, so one of the best stocking stuffer ideas for men is a coffee accessory he can use on Christmas day. Restock his supply of Chemex filters or fill his stocking with limited edition K-Cup flavors. He’ll appreciate a gift that nods to his caffeine habit. If you’re looking for a sustainable gift, give him a present that’s as coffee focused as it is eco friendly. Metal mesh filters work wonders for pour over setups and drip coffee makers, nixing the need for paper. Meanwhile reusable pods for his Keurig or Nespresso machine let him both customize his coffee and reduce landfill waste.


Kitchen Aprons to Keep Him Looking Sharp

mens waxed canvas apron

He’s watched some reruns of “Master Chef” and “No Reservations,” and now he’s determined to tackle 12-hour brisket and learn how to make focaccia. If the guy on your list matches his passion for cooking with mess in the kitchen, give a stocking stuffer for him that will keep some of the splatters at bay. Not all kitchen aprons are created equal. Some canvas options in Earth-tone colors are particularly rugged. Pick an apron with a waxed finish for durability – that way he can even wear it while grilling and gardening.


Tools of the Trade for Home Cooks

pizza peel, bread lame and bench knife

Help him excel in the kitchen with a specialty kitchen tool as a stocking stuffer. When you’re finding a gift for a foodie, you want to help inspire his next new culinary masterpiece. A stocking stuffer idea he’ll love is the right tool for cooking up his favorite specialty dish. Whether it’s a bread lame, crab hammer or pastry bench scraper, the discerning home cook will know exactly how to use it. For sharp stocking stuffers, consider gifting a knife guard to keep hazards to a minimum.


Grilling Gifts for Meat Maestros

bluetooth meat thermometer

When you’re picking a stocking stuffer for a dad or grandpa, it can be tough if he already seems to have everything. Give him a gift that utilizes technology to improve his favorite things, such as smartphone-compatible meat thermometers. If it’s new enough, it’s possible he hasn’t already purchased it for himself. Bluetooth meat thermometers send a push alert when his steak’s internal temperature has reached the ideal level. That means he can start up the smoker and kick back in his recliner while dinner cooks.


Water Bottles for Keeping Him Hydrated

nalgene bottle on rock

He’s on the go and trying to stay hydrated. Gift him a reusable water bottle that he can take with him. Look for water bottles that are BPA free to ensure they’re safe for the long haul. If he already has a well-loved Nalgene, consider giving him a Blender Bottle or other workout drink shaker. These bottles come with an internal whisk that blends protein powder and supplements, making them a great gift for active types. Choose a limited-edition color for a distinctive take on a classic stocking stuffer.


Quirky Mugs for Coffee & Cocoa Drinkers

christmas tree truck coffee mug

Has your guy been drinking out of the same mug for years? Use Christmas as an excuse to give him an update. Find a mug that he’ll be proud to use around the office or at home. For a stocking stuffer that is unequivocally him, try to match his unique personality and sense of humor with a mug that has a funny quote or illustration.


Barware for Home Bartenders

bar tool set with waxed canvas roll case

Give him a stocking stuffer that he can add to his home bar. Bar tools – such as jiggers, muddlers, and martini shakers – can all fit in a stocking, and they’re certain to fit into his weekend plans, too. With a few bar tools in his stocking and a bottle of top-shelf liquor wrapped under the tree, this is a Christmas he’s sure to remember.


Gift Cards for the Man Who Has Everything

gift box and Overstock gift card

Sometimes you have to admit the tough truths. Shopping for the guy who already bought everything on his wish list is undoubtedly the biggest challenge of the season. Pick a stocker stuffer for him this year that he’ll surely use for his next wish list item: a preloaded Overstock gift card. Rather than wrapping up an item that you’re not sure he really wants, giving a gift card lets him decide. You’re basically giving the gift of choice, and what guy wouldn’t love that?

Now that you’ve found the ultimate stocking stuffers for your dad, brother, husband or boyfriend, it’s on to the big gifts. Once you read What to Get a Guy for Christmas, then you’re sure to find the perfect gift for every “him” on your list.