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Best Stocking Stuffers for Babies

Best Stocking Stuffers for Babies

No matter how old you are, opening presents and stockings on Christmas morning is exciting. It's especially fun to spoil the babies and toddlers of the family. Get baby stocking stuffers for the little ones on your list.

Baby Stocking Stuffer Ideas


Moccasins are comfortable and stylish footwear that suit babies and toddlers well. These shoes are soft and flexible and give their feet more mobility. Moccasins are also lightweight, which makes it easier for toddlers to walk. Choose from any array of colors and patterns to match with your little one’s wardrobe.


When babies start teething, they tend to get their hands and mouths on just about anything. Give your teething child relief with something safe to chew on. Choose from a variety of baby teether toys like soft rings, freezer pouches, or teething feeders to help keep your baby or toddler happy and comfortable.


Pacifiers aren’t just something to suck on; they relieve ear pain and are linked to lower rates of SIDS. This self-soothing stocking stuffer keeps your infant or toddler relaxed and secure by teaching them how to self-soothe. Look for novelty pacifiers and pacifier clips to keep track of your baby’s favorite.


Baby bibs are the standard solution for protecting your child’s clothing from food, drinks, and drool. Bibs come in a variety of colors and patterns. Just make sure they’re made of washable materials. Bibs designed with a front pocket help catch food that falls from your child’s mouth and make cleanup a breeze. Drool bibs are much smaller than feeding bibs and are designed to prevent a baby’s drool from soaking into their clothes.

Sippy Cups

Sippy cups are a useful way for helping your baby or toddler transition to drinking from a regular cup or bottle. Sippy cups have a narrow spout and seal tightly to prevent accidents and spills. You can stuff their stocking with sippy cups that have dual handles, drinking edges, and sports team logos.

Bath Toys

Bath time is more than just cleaning your little one – it’s also a time to bond, play, and learn. Baths are made more fun for babies and toddlers when they have special toys to splash around with. The best bath toys for babies should be small enough for them to hold without any small, loose parts. For toddlers, choose toys that encourage them to pour, fill, and interact with their bath water.

Stuffed Toys

Many kids have a favorite stuffed toy that goes everywhere they go. Introduce your baby or toddler to their first friend with a stuffed toy in their stocking. While infants may be too young for a stuffed toy, older babies love to touch, chew, and suck on their toys, so pick a stuffed toy that doesn’t have any potentially loose parts, like small beads or buttons. For a toddler aged 2 to 3 years old, choose a stuffed toy that is durable and safe for them to carry around.

Toy Phones

From simple phone rattles to smart phone replicas, a toy phone is a stocking stuffer that provides hours of interactive fun. For babies, choose something with large buttons and a rattle to keep them entertained. Toddlers will delight in toy phones with multiple features that light up, make noise, and mimic real phone sounds.

Car Seat and Stroller Toys

From running errands to leisurely walking, car seat and stroller toys do wonders at keeping your little one happily occupied. The best toys have bright colors and sounds that help stimulate your baby’s growing brain. Choose toys with contrasting colors and different textures that include clips or fasteners to keep them latched onto the seat or stroller.

Crib Accessories

There’s nothing like seeing your little one peacefully dreaming in their crib. You can match baby bed and crib accessories based on your nursery decor with themes such as animals and sports or patterns and colors. Crib toys are also available to keep babies and toddlers happy and entertained.

Baby Monitor

Baby monitors aren’t just simple walkie talkies anymore. Today you have your choice of video and wi-fi monitors to keep track of your little one’s naps. Baby monitors are helpful as your child gets older. Place a monitor in their playroom to keep tabs on them when you need time alone.


A brightly colored mobile with animals or shapes is a great tool to lull your baby to sleep. You can find a selection of mobiles for boys, girls, and gender-neutral colors to match your nursery interior. Choose one with a sturdy mounting mechanism to ensure it’s safe to hang above your baby’s crib.

Toddler or Baby Clothes

Your kiddos may be little now, but they grow fast. Add some comfy new clothes to your baby’s or toddler’s stocking this year. Shirts, pants, socks, and winter accessories are all good choices for Christmas gifts for babies and toddlers to keep them warm all holiday season.

Baby Bed Sheets

Before your children are potty trained, accidents at night are bound to happen. Get extra bedsheets for your baby or toddler for those occasions. Just like adult sheets, there is an assortment of patterns and materials to choose from for this stocking stuffer.

Baby and Toddler Dishes

As your little one learns to eat solid food, they’ll need plates and spoons to eat their meals. Sets of plastic cutlery or plates with their favorite characters will make mealtime fun for them and encourage them to learn how to feed themselves.

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