Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Adults

Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Adults

Stocking stuffers aren’t just for the little kids. So when adult family members are visiting for the Christmas holiday, don’t forget to fill their stockings, too. When you’re on the hunt for the best adult stocking stuffer ideas, err on the side of small and light — lightweight and lighthearted, that is.


Shot Glass Gifts for Party Animals

rounded square shot glasses

Novelty shot glasses are go-to stocking stuffers for adults due to their small size and 21 and over function. When picking out a shot glass for a friend or adult family member, go for fun and whimsical designs. A grizzly bear or skull shaped shot glass is sure to get a laugh and spark the good times, while a gold-trimmed one will allow your gift recipient to take shots in style. Shot glasses are built to be durable, but make sure to give them an extra layer of wrapping paper so that they don’t break before Christmas morning.


Bar Tool Gifts for Cocktail Inventors

7 piece bar tools set

Stocking stuffers should be small enough to fit with room for other gifts, but that doesn’t mean they have to be impractical. Give a cocktail jigger for a small gift with big usability. For maximum versatility, give a two-sided jigger with different volumes. Those with both 0.5 ounce and 1 ounce measurements are best for making a variety of cocktails. You could even gift a whole cocktail making set — wrap the shaker and muddler separately and place them under the tree to draw out the suspense.


Mule Mugs & Speciality Drinkware Gifts for Signature Sippers

copper mule mugs

Specialty drinkware is a classic stocking stuffer idea to give adults. Hammered copper mule mugs and other drink-specific cups will be appreciated most by those who rarely deviate from their favorite drink. With stockings there’s always a risk of falling, so avoid giving delicate glass stemware or anything else fragile. Instead, opt for rough-and-tumble partyware that’s both fun and durable.


Drink Coaster Gifts for Party Hosts

gunmetal coaster set

For adults who can’t stand the sight of a drink ring on their vintage walnut coffee table, give them a gift that will prevent future anxieties. Because coasters are typically smaller than 4”x4”, they’ll easily fit in any stocking. With plenty of styles to choose from, try to delight your giftee with a pattern or material that matches their interior design sensibilities. Your boho niece will adore a set of rainbow pom-pom coasters. Meanwhile, the more buttoned-up adults in your life may prefer a sleek metal coaster.


Insulated Wine Tumbler Gifts for Wine Aficionados

double wall wine tumbler with swirl pattern

What’s lightweight, non-fragile, and will be used again and again? The perfect stocking stuffer for wine connoisseurs is a double-wall stemless glass. Whether heading to the park for an afternoon picnic or to the hot tub for a winter soak, wine lovers who bring the party with them will enjoy an insulated wine tumbler for their next adventure. Colors range from holographic unicorn silver to sophisticated matte black with a whole rainbow in between, so pick a wine tumbler in their favorite shade to match their personality.


Coffee Mug Gifts for Coffee Drinkers

enamel coffee mugs

Whether they prefer their coffee black or would rather sip non-caffeinated chamomile, all the adults on your shopping list will be glad to have a new mug in their collection. When you have a large number of stockings to stuff, giving a coffee mug to everyone makes gifting easy. Look for sets with so that everyone gets a matching mug, or pick a different novelty mug that’s personalized to their individual tastes.


Flask Gifts for Liquor Lovers

engraved flask

A flask is a cheeky stocking stuffer idea that will surely spur some laughs and good cheer. Both men and women will appreciate this gift, as it allows anyone to pocket a few ounces of their favorite liquid. Equal the ruggedness of a peaty Scotch with an engraved leather flask. Or go glam with a rhinestone-studded silver vessel for appletini drinkers. And before you write off flasks as gifts for drinkers only, even teetotalers can appreciate a this gift. Warren Buffet has been known to carry one full of cherry syrup to add to his daily cokes.


Candle Gifts for Friends Under Stress

soy candle

Provide some aromatherapy this Christmas by giving a candle as a stocking stuffer. Fragrances such as lavender, rose, and orange blossom can help relieve stress, which makes a scented candle a thoughtful gift. Look for small, single wick candles that will easily fit in a stocking. And if possible, choose a candle that comes in a small can instead of a glass jar.


Bottle Opener Gifts Because Everyone Needs One

beetle shaped bottle opener

Crack open a cold one with friends this Christmas. Bottle openers work well as stocking stuffers, because no matter how many you know are in the house, they’re always impossible to find. To keep things fun, look for a bottle opener with a unique shape or color that will make it easy to locate in the kitchen tool drawer. Or if you want to solve the problem once and for all, give a wall mounted bottle opener that matches your giftee’s kitchen decor. Then, the days of MacGyvering open bottles will be over.


Gift Cards for the Person Who Has Everything

gift box and Overstock gift card

Top off adult stockings with a gift that goes the extra mile. While small gag gifts bring on the giggles, gift cards delight in bigger ways. Gift cards simplify holiday shopping, especially if you aren’t 100% sure what they want for Christmas. When choosing an amount to pre-load on the card, consider how much you would spend on regular gifts for that person. If you plan to give gift cards to multiple people, aim to give the same spending amount to each person to avoid the appearance of favoritism.

Now that you’ve loaded up the adults’ stockings with gifts that are sure to thrill, it’s time to move on to the rest of the family. Check out our Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men and Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women for more small gift ideas.