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Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Fact Sheet

by Paul Sanders

Stainless steel kitchen sink in a marble countertop

One of the most durable and style-neutral kitchen design choices you can make is deciding on a stainless steel kitchen sink. Stainless steel is sleek, rust-resistant and fits with a whole range of decor and appliance designs. If you're not sure about which materials you want for your kitchen sink, the following facts about stainless steel kitchen sinks may just convince you.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks:

  1. Chromium makes it stainless. Stainless steel kitchen sinks contain at least 12 percent chromium, as well as other elements, that make the steel resistant to rust. Some stainless steel sinks include a range of other materials, including titanium, for strength, ductility and other attributes.

  2. Stainless steel lasts. The lifetime of a stainless steel kitchen sink will probably be near the lifetime of your house itself. Stainless steel will last for over half a century if properly cared for. And you can recycle your stainless steel kitchen sink completely when you choose to replace it. Most new stainless steel kitchen sinks on the market contain a significant percentage of recycled material.

  3. A passive film protects the metal. The chromium in your stainless steel kitchen sink combines with oxygen in the air, forming a microscopic barrier of tightly packed chromium oxide that protects the iron in the steel from exposure to oxygen and water. Even if a stainless steel kitchen sink is scratched, new oxygen will mix with the chromium to form a new layer. But it's best to avoid scratching the sink by not using harsh scrubbing pads or abrasive cleaners on your sink.

  4. Finishes create different looks. You may commonly find stainless steel kitchen sinks with a brushed finish, but satin, smooth and other finishes create different textures. Each finish will cause light to reflect differently from the surface of a stainless steel kitchen sink.

  5. Stainless steel has anti-bacterial properties. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel kitchen sinks isn't its only beneficial property. Stainless steel is also easy to clean and resists bacterial growth. By using a stainless steel kitchen sink, it can be easier to maintain a healthy environment for preparing food.

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