Spring Interior Design Trends

Spring Interior Design Trends

This guide is part of our Overstock Stylist Commentary series, home design tips written by industry experts.


by Amber Dunford
Style Director

Hello! I’m Amber and I’m the Style Director here at Overstock. My background is in interior design and I have a master’s degree in psychology. I love combining these two areas of study to show how homes can provide a sense of emotional well-being. In addition to designing beautiful spaces for Overstock, I teach Design Psychology at Salt Lake Community College. My favorite spaces use natural color palettes, imperfect shapes, and unique pieces that have a story.


New season, new interior design trends. Style Director Amber Dunford shares home decor trends that have surfaced this spring. Read on for what’s new in home decorating and see how our team is visually telling those stories.


Nature-Inspired Color Palette

As we enter the warmer months, home trends are leaning towards a natural color palette. Greens will broaden their range to include brighter hues such as mints and jade. A chalky blue will help to compliment this cooler side of the palette. Meanwhile, warmer tones in dusty pink, terracotta, and coral will create a sense of vibrancy for spring. People will tend to pursue to more joyful, playful experiences, so we’ll see a range of yellows worked in as accents for a jolt of color.


Learn more about home decor color trends in Amber’s guide Styling Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year.


Biophilic Design

Biophilia is our innate human instinct to connect with nature and other living beings. We can meet this need through biophilic interior design, which brings the outdoors in. This spring, decorate with actual plant life or even nature-inspired prints on textiles and artwork. For example, a botanical-inspired interior can be achieved simply via wallpaper patterns and tapestry wall hangings.


You can also balance an overly computer-connected lifestyle with natural materials. Think raw woods, linen, jute, concrete, cork, or clay. They not only offset the amount of technology we’re forced to use, but also add a seasonal sense of warmth and coziness to your space. Expect to see furnishings, flooring, and architectural elements that use environmentally-friendly materials.


For a more detailed explanation of biophilia, see our guide to Biophilic Design.


Curved Furniture & Decor

Home design trends are departing from hard lines and modern angles. This spring, we’ll see more curved furniture and decor. The curved shapes induce a more soothing energy for humans. Curved spaces are also rated as more quiet, which evokes a sense of relaxation and calm. The takeaway? Bringing in rounded, organic shapes will add softness to a design and help spaces feel more comfortable.


Current home decor trends show curves appearing in furniture shapes, such as rolled arms and curved backs. We’re also seeing less clean, sharp edges in lighting, decor, artwork, and textile prints. When these decorative elements include curves, they tend to feel a bit more special and handmade, acting as art pieces within a space.


See How to Style the Curved Furniture Trend for more tips to soften your space.

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