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Spring Decor Ideas

Spring Decor Ideas

Spring is a time of renewal, so once spring has “sprung,” it makes perfect sense to add new spring-inspired touches to your home decor. Usher in the season with spring decor from Overstock, your one-stop shop for all things home-related for the spring season. From a new arrangement of silk lilies or wildflowers in the foyer to bunny accents for the fireplace mantel, shop the pages of our extensive spring decor now. A rundown of some spring decorating ideas can give you some inspo to get started.

Spring Trends for Your Home

Whether you’re renovating your home or just longing for a new look now that winter’s in the rearview, spring trends for the home can help you create the look you crave. Some spring decor ideas to consider:

  • Plants, flowers, and greenery: Not surprisingly, adding florals and greenery is always an on-trend choice when spring rolls around. Faux plants are low-maintenance and affordable. Use them to add a pop of color that wakes your home from its winter slumber.
  • Textured pieces: One buzzword for spring is “texture,” and you’ll find it in spades in spring interior design trends from vases for the table in the entryway to artwork to grace the walls in the bedroom.
  • Natural colors: Invite the look of nature into your room with colors that make you think spring. Decorative items in greens, yellows, and blazing orange-reds can conjure up other elements of the season. For example, a thin yellow throw tossed on the back of your sofa will remind you of the first blooms of spring.
  • Sustainable or DIY decor: If you’ve been looking to live a greener existence, put that into play in your springtime decor choices. Spring signifies rebirth, so select throw pillows, rugs, and other accent pieces made with sustainably sourced materials. Consider DIY decor using found or recycled items to flex your creative skills while beautifying your home at the same time.

Spring Living Room Decor Ideas

If your family is like most, the living room is a top gathering spot for springtime get-togethers. Adding spring living room decor to your space can help bring the charms of the season to life, creating a cheery mood.

Spring-Themed Wall Art

Take advantage of the vertical space in your living room to hang some beautiful wall art. Fun prints and other spring-inspired artwork can create a vibrant look and enhance the overall feel of your room. Prints featuring spring florals, cutesy animals, and landscapes can enhance your nature aesthetic.

Springtime Accents

From poufs to lamps, spring-themed accents and living room decor make the season cheerful and fun. Think about colorful, spring-inspired throw pillows in fun prints or bold florals for the sofa, floor pillows in lively pastels for casual seating in front of the TV, and whimsical table accents like jars or trays that hold springtime accoutrements containing decorative balls. Check out our guide on living room ideas for more inspiration.

Spring Kitchen and Dining Room Spruce-Ups

Creating a bright and inviting space with natural-themed decor can drive home the springtime feel. Bring the outdoors in with these spring decorating ideas for the dining room table and kitchen.

Spring Kitchen Decor

The kitchen doesn’t have to be strictly utilitarian. Spring kitchen decor brings fun to the kitchen, so cooking and chores seem less like work. A spring-inspired Kitchen Paint Color for an accent wall can make a real statement. Try spring-themed wreaths suspended from bright ribbons on cabinet doors. They draw the eye instantly while adding spring garden charm to an otherwise functional area. Bunnies or other springtime critters placed on the counters will garner smiles from all who enter.

Spring Themes in the Dining Room

Meals served in the dining room are more memorable with fun spring accents. One of the best spring Decorating Ideas for a Dining Room is a centerpiece made from your favorite blooms in shades of yellow, red, and pink. Add a playful table runner and some casual dinnerware in a pastel color for a beautiful, effortless look.

Spring Inspiration in the Bedroom

Invite spring into your bedroom for a lighthearted look this season. Get into the spirit of regrowth with some Spring Bedroom Ideas for revving up your space:

  • Spring bedding in floral prints with a bevy of blossoms adds a romantic touch to your room. Read all about Floral Bedding options.
  • Plush textured rugs in soft pastel shades of blue, green, or yellow lend definition and visual interest to your floor.
  • A bright side table in a sunny color can shake things up and announce the arrival of spring.

Get Your Backyard Ready for Spring

Now that Old Man Winter has made his exit, it’s time to get your backyard ready for spring and all the fun times ahead. Sprucing up your backyard space lets you get the most out of every opportunity to gather with family and friends to enjoy a picnic, barbecue, or even a dip in the pool.

Prep Your Patio for the Season

An outdoor patio is the centerpiece of your backyard’s entertainment space, so prepare for spring with the right patio accessories and decor. Style your patio with bold textures made from straw or bamboo for outdoor accent rugs and comfortable seating to invite a natural presence fit for the spring season. Add eccentric planters for your springtime blooms for a conversation starter during your next get-together. If you know you’ll be dining outdoors as the weather gets nicer, consider a welcoming metal outdoor dining set to withstand any spring storms.

Spring Garden Themes

If you are planning a garden, then spring yard prep is important. It can be fun to go with a theme, such as a desert garden oasis with a statement fountain, a calming secret hideaway garden surrounded by stone statues where you can find your Zen through meditation, or a romantic garden theme complete with twinkling lights and a loveseat where you can meet with your partner for drinks or dinner under the stars.

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