Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips

With the recent events of COVID-19,  we’re spending more time at home and cleanliness is top of mind for most of us. As we self-isolate to help slow the spread of coronavirus, it’s important to keep a clean environment so we can boost our immune systems and declutter our lives.


Declutter and Get Organized

One major benefit of cracking down on cleanliness is lessening your stress. Anxiety is at a peak level right now for many people because of the coronavirus pandemic and sitting around in a disaster area can certainly add to it. Tackling a simple spring cleaning project like cleaning out your closet, sorting mail, doing the dishesorganizing shoes, and wiping down the surfaces in your home brings a quiet sense of triumph that also puts your mind at ease.


A  well-organized domain promotes satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment that can help improve your mental well-being. Check out 6 Tips for Organizing Your Home During Quarantine.


Purify Your Air and Water

Clean Air

Feel an empowering sense of self-protection with the addition of air-purifying elements in your home. An air purifier can filter irritants like pet dander, dust, mold, smoke odor, or volatile organic compounds. And since spring is allergy season, there’s no better time to invest.


Respiratory health is of paramount importance as we face the coronavirus, so regularly vacuuming and ridding your house  of pollutants and allergens should be part of your spring cleaning. Whether you’re using a handheld vacuum or an upright vacuum with a brush attachment, you can easily spruce up your sofas, chairs, and other upholstered furniture by gently working the vacuum over the cushions and around the frame. Don’t forget dusty blinds and curtains. You can also use the hose of your vacuum to sneak around indoor window sills, floor vents, and baseboards for quick, easy dusting. 


Water filters like pitchers and faucet attachments are an inexpensive way to guarantee clean drinking water without clogging up landfills and oceans with single-use plastic bottles. They’re easy to use and refillable so you’re saving money and being kind to the environment.   


Disinfect Surfaces, Knobs, and Switches

Disinfect Naturally

From washing hands to wiping down surfaces, one of our biggest defenses against transmission of COVID-19 is keeping a clean environment. Soaps, cleaning sprays, and disinfectant wipes should all be on your spring cleaning checklist to remove bacteria and viruses from the surfaces of your home.


We also track in a lot of grime on the bottoms of our shoes, so sweep and mop your floors. Designate a spot by the front door like a bench or hall tree to remove shoes so you can avoid tracking dirt throughout your house.  


If you prefer more natural ways of cleaning surfaces and cutting through grease and pet odor, you can maintain a healthful home with chemical-free products like baking soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, borax, and rubbing alcohol. These spring cleaning items are tough on mold, oil, dirt, rust, and stains. Plus, you can add naturally antibacterial essential oils like tea tree oil and lavender to give your natural cleaners a refreshing aroma.


Throw Everything in the Laundry

Germs can live on commonly used fabrics, so add laundry to the spring cleaning list. Go through your house and grab everything that’s washer friendly – clothes, bathroom rugs, shower curtains, throw pillows, throw blankets, hand towels, window treatments, etc. Start your laundry at the beginning of your day so your washing machine can be working while you are.


This next part is important. Put away your laundry. Laundry that sits around is a huge contributor to visual clutter. Fold, hang, and tuck away laundry or store it in baskets and hampers so your clothes and linens are crisp, clean, and ready to be used.


Wax, Polish, and Shine

A lovely finishing touch to all spring cleaning projects is making each surface in your home glimmer and gleam like brand new. Polishing metal is an often overlooked but simple way to make your home sparkle. Wax wooden furniture by wiping it down with a soft cloth dampened with water and a wax-based furniture cleaner like Murphy’s Oil. If time is not on your side, simply wiping down surfaces regularly keep your home dust-free and hygienic.


Individuals with tidy homes have reportedly less of the stress hormone cortisol, meaning that a variety of aspects of mental and physical health can be aided by a restful and restorative home environment. Spring cleaning is good for you and your home.

You’ve now mastered spring cleaning. Up for more? Check out Home Improvement Project Ideas During Self-Quarantine for ways to continue beautifying your home this season. You can shop all your supplies at Overstock to get free shipping* on every order.

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