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Sofa Table Size & Measurements

Sofa Table Size & Measurements

The right size console is your sofa’s best buddy. Here’s how to measure for a sofa table to bring the perfect amount of surface space to your living room, entryway, or bedroom. 


Match Your Sofa Height

Ideally, a sofa table is the same height as your sofa’s back for the most convenient reach and visually pleasing setup. This gives you an inch or two of leeway, but for a truly balanced living room design, you don’t want a sofa table higher than your sofa. Typically, sofas and sofa tables range from 30 to 36 inches tall. Measure before you buy.


Placed behind your sofa, a consistent sofa table height allows you to keep drinks, remotes, and table lamps within easy reach. If you float your furniture, this sofa table placement can help zone off your seating area. The even measurement helps it look intentional. Between your couch and the wall, this sofa table height can also act as a shelf to buffer the space. In front of your sofa, this size also provides an easy eyeline to serve as a TV stand. If you’re using your sofa table for dining, consider bar height or counter height for your sofa table measurements.


Choose a Shorter Sofa Table Length

To ensure your console doesn’t catch toes and cause trips, a sofa table should never be longer than your sofa. You’ll appreciate this during late-night journeys after bingeing shows or when you’re entertaining clumsy guests. An extra long sofa table can also overwhelm the space and look out of place. Basically, when your sofa table awkwardly extends beyond your sofa, it dwarfs your living room’s centerpiece. Choose a sofa table that’s about a foot shorter than your sofa’s sides, and center it behind the sofa back. Leave about 6 inches on either side for a proportional look.


Leave Space for Traffic

If you place your sofa table behind your couch, leave at least 30 inches between the sofa table and the wall for foot traffic. This prevents a cluttered, confined look and makes the most of sofa tables with cabinets.


Choose a narrow sofa table with a clean, modern design for small areas It brings in the storage and surface space while keeping the look open. To preserve the airy aesthetic, cheat size by using a sofa table with drawers to store your keys, remotes, and other items out of the way. Shelves can also make the most of your sofa table dimensions to show off treasured mementos.


A sofa table against the wall can be used to serve cocktails and appetizers to guests, display fresh flowers, or grab a quick bite to eat. A half-moon sofa table tucks up close to the wall, leaving ample floor space when the table is placed beneath a window or in your small entryway.


Make Room for Seating

Pair your sofa table with several stools to create an informal desk, a bedroom vanity, or a kitchen island for quick meals or snacks. A sofa table you can eat at is particularly smart in studios and small apartments because it maximizes your seating and dining capacity. Choose stools that are about 10 inches shorter than your sofa table for comfortable seating and space-saving, tidy storage under the sofa table when the stools aren’t being used.

Now that you have your sofa table dimensions in mind, visit our guides on sofa table style and sofa table material to further narrow your options.