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Top 8 Sofa Arm Styles

Top 8 Sofa Arm Styles

sofa arm styles

Since a sofa is an integral part your living space, every detail counts. Just like letting your hair down from an up-do can take your look from formal to fun, the arm style of your sofa can say a lot about your decor. Explore the top sofa arm styles to consider aesthetics, comfort, and functionality. Find just what your living room needs.


Armless Sofa

armless sofas

The clean, slim silhouette of an armless sofa makes a lightweight yet interesting focal point. The lack of arms instantly opens up your space and allows more seating when entertaining. So if you’re a minimalist or your space is limited, this sofa arm style is a must-have.

Match this armless sofa with a pouf in your bedroom to create a less bulky look, or contrast it with an armed sofa to make it an accent piece. You can also combine this sofa with a corner chair or a chaise to create a larger sectional sofa to maximize available seating space.


Square Arm Sofa

square arm sofas

Sleek, sharp, and angular. If you want to streamline your modern or industrial decor, a square arm sofa arm is the way to go. A wider arm provides you with a convenient place to rest your drink, snack, and remote so you don’t have to keep reaching for necessities on the coffee table. You can also opt for a slimmer arm if you want your sofa to take up less space. Match this sofa with angled coffee and side tables for a complete masculine look, or soften it up with a couple of round poufs for a more balanced style.


Round Arm Sofa

round arm sofas

The classic, timeless appeal of a round sofa arm gives your living room a casual feel to kick back in style. You’ll appreciate the comfort this sofa arm style provides, especially if you like leaning against the arm or resting your head as you scroll through your phone. The gentle contour of a rounded arm sofa means you don’t have to reach for a pillow every time you want a quick snooze. With your favorite blanket in hand, you may never want to leave your home again.


Flared Arm Sofa

flared arm sofas

A flared arm sofa has a contoured profile that works well with many decor styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary and everything in between. Maybe you want to subtly smooth out the angular lines of an industrial room, or add a bit more definition to a space with curvy furniture and feminine lines. This sofa arm style answers the call without compromising on comfort. All you need is a throw, a pouf, and the remote to enjoy some relaxing “me time.”


Pillow Top Arms Sofa

pillow top arm sofa

When you want effortless comfort in a sofa, nothing does it better than one with pillow top arms. These cushioned armrests offer you the kind of luxurious relaxation that will have you dozing off at odd hours. Pillow top arms are available on most sofa types, including recliners, sectionals, and sleepers, and they’re not limited to a particular style. So for ultimate relief, opt for a recliner with pillow top arm rests, velvety fabric, and cup holders. Throw in a faux fur blanket and it will feel like heaven on earth.


Sloped Arms Sofa

sloped arm sofas

Add a sense of flow to your living space with a sloped arm sofa that encourages the eyes to move through your room and appreciate every detail. Boasting a structured silhouette, a sloped arm sofa lets your guests know you are style savvy. The conventional look saturates your interior with refinement while beckoning you to sit with its lounge-like figure. Stash a pillow in the corner and slowly sip on a drink as you sort out your thoughts.


Rolled Arm Sofa

rolled arm sofas

Rolled arms curl in on themselves to create a gently curved profile, similar to the rounded arm. This sofa design provides a comfortable spot to rest your head when you want to relax for short periods of time. To add an air of grandiosity to your room, choose one of our rolled arm sofas that feature leather upholstery, nail head trimming, and button tufting. These sofas make such a strong style statement that will have your guests feeling like they’ve brushed shoulders with royalty. If you’re more on the eclectic style spectrum, but still like the comfort and style of these arms, you can opt for a fabric sofa with vibrant colors and add lots of pillows. You can go glam with velvet upholstery and a polished metallic base.


Recessed Arm Sofa

recessed arm sofas

Characterized by a low-set and sometimes sloping profile, this sofa arm style brings a tailored look into your home. It works well with formal and traditional decor. If you want a more modern sofa but in the recessed style, then go for the straighter, angled design opposed to the rolled one. For an even bolder look, opt for a curvy profile perched on metal legs. Mix and match pillows to make it your own and impress your book club friends the next time you host.

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