5 Small Outdoor Patio Ideas

5 Small Outdoor Patio Ideas

Having any sort of outdoor space, even a modest one, is a welcome retreat as the temps start to warm up from winter. Here are five furniture layouts to show you how to arrange a small patio.


Conversation Set

When you’re considering how to arrange furniture on a small patio, the most common setup is an outdoor living room. Patio sets are available in a variety a sizes to fit nearly any space, but don’t be afraid to split up a set and use additional pieces on your front porch. Another option for a tiny patio design is to look for pieces that are sold separately — that way you know you’ll have the perfect fit. I love this acacia wood set for adding warmth to a patio and the small cushions are easy to store during inclement weather. Ground your small patio furniture arrangement with a durable outdoor rug to create a seamless extension from your interior.


Al Fresco Dining

In my opinion, the most versatile small patio layout is an outdoor dining area. You can use it for everything…a delicious dinner, getting some work done, playing a board game, or just catching up with friends. It does it all. For a small space patio I recommend going with a circular table. The rounded edges are also ideal for smooth traffic flow in tight spaces. Choose a table that can house an outdoor umbrella to really maximize your patio time.


Catching Rays

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good chaise lounge, but on a small patio they can be a cumbersome tripping hazard. Instead, swap them for Adirondack chairs. With low-slung seats and reclined backs, they’re equally adept for spending a lazy afternoon soaking up the sun. If you really want to kick your feet back, pair them with an outdoor pouf.

Side note — I’m obsessed with this space-saving wall table. It’s a perfect solution for the corner of a small patio or balcony.


Happy Hour

Need a spot to unwind after a long day of WFH? This small patio layout is primed for hosting your outdoor happy hour. First things first, the outdoor bar cart. This option has hanging glass storage and a removable tray that makes carrying drinks or snacks from the kitchen to patio a breeze. For seating, a cute bar-height bistro table and a couple barstools. These are stackable in case you need to make room for an impromptu dance floor!


Sweet Escape

Last but certainly not least, this simple chat set arrangement gives all the vacation vibes. For a small space sometimes less really is more. A couple of chic deep-cushioned armchairs and a selection of comfy outdoor pillows are all it takes to transport your small patio space from run-of-the-mill to resort retreat.

For even more small patio ideas, see our full guide on How to Choose Patio Furniture for Small Spaces. Still deciding the right look and feel or you? Check out Top 6 Patio Styles to Match Your Personality.