Sleep Zone Memory Foam Buying Guide

Sleep Zone Memory Foam Buying Guide

Scientifically designed and dream tested, Sleep Zone combines cutting edge technologies and artistic craftsmanship in every Sleep Zone memory foam mattress. Using only the finest, pure materials, you can rest assured that your Sleep Zone mattress preserves your well-being while providing the foundation for an indulgent night’s sleep. Each product in the Sleep Zone specialty mattress collection is scientifically crafted for unsurpassed comfort and temperature regulation. Read on to learn what sets Sleep Zone memory foam apart from the competition.

Purely Crafted Luxury: Experience a Sleep Zone Night


A Cooler Night’s Sleep

By incorporating exclusive ventilated visco memory foam, Sleep Zone creates a line of pure memory foam mattresses with optimal air circulation. Combined with the Sleep Zone proprietary Air Channel Base, the unique design of each Sleep Zone luxury mattress provides for a temperature neutral sleeping experience, while circulating fresh air in the areas you need it most.

Pure Memory Foam Layers

Blending scientific development with artistic craftsmanship, Sleep Zone memory foam mattresses use strategic layering to create a luxurious combination of comfort and support. An initial layer of ventilated visco memory foam promotes airflow, dissipates heat, and cools the surface. From Firm to Ultra Plush, each mattress is then expertly layered with memory foam of varying densities to address your specific sleep comfort level.

Proprietary Air Channel Base

The high-resiliency foam Air Channel Base layer features one-inch grooves that run horizontally and vertically to promote ventilation and air circulation unlike any other memory foam mattress on the market.

Edge to Edge Support System

By incorporating the patented Edge to Edge technology, select Sleep Zone memory foam mattresses feature a stable sitting edge, 20% more sleeping surface than the competition, and an extended mattress life.

Individualized Comfort

Designed to move and conform when paired with a Sleep Zone adjustable bed, Sleep Zone creates the premier combination for customized relaxation.


Choose Your Comfort Level:

Firm: 8-inch Sleep Zone Laguna Mattress – Best for Back and Stomach Sleepers

Plush: 10-inch Sleep Zone Huntington Mattress –  Best for Side, Back and Stomach Sleepers

Ultra Plush: 12-inch Sleep Zone Pacifica Mattress – Best for Side and Back Sleepers